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Alien 3Plot ? What's that ?? Bring me a gun and let's get to it !! :)08/14/07
Altered BeastA reasonable attempt at converting a classic original, but it fails to capture the FEEL of the game, which is a pity.08/30/07
Captain America and the AvengersA decent home port of a thoroughly enjoyable arcade original - worth checking out (in MY opinion) :)08/23/07
ChakanA hard game to play, but if you like things difficult (even on easy), then you'll probably LOVE this one ;)08/31/07
Eternal ChampionsA 'technical fighter' - a fighting game with a HUGE amount of options - well worth a look !!09/13/04
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityOwning this title is like owning a piece of Video Games Lore - check it out if you can :)08/22/07
Golden Axe IIThe follow-up to a very enjoyable original, and it's funny (and not always in a good way) - worth looking at ...08/21/07
Haunting Starring PolterguyGood-quality haunted house fun. Go on - spook your foes ;)08/07/07
Mortal KombatHalf marks for a half-baked port, I'm sorry to say :(08/14/07
Mortal Kombat IIBetter than the MK Port to the Megadrive/Genesis, but still far from perfect I'm afraid.09/04/07
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorViolence on an extreme level, but its initial shock fades to a feeling of it being gratuitous =./08/22/07
Sonic & KnucklesThe crowning glory in a wonderful line-up of titles. If you're a fan of the series, you'll love it !!08/22/07
Sonic the HedgehogThe game that started the highly-rated series on its course, and it is easy to see why !!08/14/07
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Bigger, badder and faster, Sonic 2 delivers across the board !08/15/07
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Another big thick slice of Sonic the Hedgehog goodness ...08/21/07
Spider-ManA very well-considered and respectfully produced title - one of the best Spider-Man games released on a console !!08/14/07
Streets of Rage IIBest of the series, and one of the best side-scrolling beat 'em-up titles for the Megadrive !!08/15/07
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone HeistA good, fun title to play, and a worthy addition to the TMNT Series.09/04/07
The ImmortalHorrific violence AND sorcery ?? BRING IT ON !!!!! :)08/20/07
X-MenX-Men fans won't be disappointed with this decent and detailed title - well worth a look :)08/21/07
X-Men 2: Clone WarsSecond instalment on the Megadrive/Genesis, and very enjoyable, but definitely not without its flaws.08/21/07


BioShockWipe the sweat from your bwow and descend into Rapture. It might just change your life ...09/04/07
Dark LegionsFantasy turn-based action meets Chess and the result is ... PROVOCATIVE !! :)07/03/04
DiabloA very enjoyable game - well worth playing.07/22/04
Diablo IIQuite a step-up from Diablo, and a title very worthy of a place in your collection !08/13/07
Diablo II: Lord of DestructionThis title is awash with reasons to recommend it - just save yourself the bother and get it NOW !!08/13/07
Disciples II: Dark ProphecyGreat game - well worth buying01/15/03
Disciples II: Gallean's ReturnWhat's better than 2 Expansion Packs ?? 2-in-1 !!!!!07/10/04
Disciples II: Guardians of the LightA worthy purchase if you enjoyed Disciples 2 and are a goody two-shoes :)06/23/04
Disciples II: Rise of the ElvesA whole new race ? CAN'T BE BAD !! :) Well worth buying.06/28/04
Disciples II: Servants of the DarkA very good buy if you are a fan of Disciples 2 and a psychopathic meanie !! ;)06/23/04
FreelancerA welcome and WORTHY addition to the genre - definitely worth playing !!12/31/03
Frontier: Elite IIDefinitely worth a place in your collection02/02/03
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the FathersA gripping and suspense-filled game with a compelling plot - like a good book, but interactive !! Check it out :)08/10/07
HellfireDiablo with fruity add-ons !! We like it !!!!! :)07/27/04
Master of MagicA shining example of a CLASSIC video game - GREAT FUN !!12/28/03
Mortal KombatMarred only by its keyboard control method, this is a perfect conversion of the arcade original - well worth a look :)08/23/07
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyThe single best first-person Star Wars game on the PC. GET IT NOW !!09/05/04
System ShockCLASSIC !! A HIGHLY recommended title with lots to offer ...01/01/04
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionExtremely deep, detailed and immersive - you won't be disappointed !!08/06/07
The Typing of the DeadA cool spin on an older title, plus a great touch-typing tutor !!08/06/07
Titan QuestBreathing new life into a genre that was waiting for new blood, Titan Quest delivers with a punch !!08/10/07
Titan Quest: Immortal ThroneIf you liked Titan Quest you will LOVE Immortal Throne !08/10/07
Uplink: Hacker EliteNovel idea put into operation very nicely. Cheap to pick up and fun to play. Worth a look !08/07/07
Warlords IV: Heroes of EtheriaEnjoyable game - well worth a look, but might not set your world on fire ...12/29/03

Super Nintendo

ActRaiserA very enjoyable god-sim-stylee game with a varied mix of things to keep you entertained and stimulated. Well worth a look :)08/24/07
Alien 3A beautiful game to look at and listen to, but periodically frustrating to control, so definitely NOT without its faults.09/04/07
Art of FightingDoing little to pay homage to the great arcade original, this title is a rather embarrassed offering as a port.09/04/07
Fighter's HistoryIt attracted criticism for the wrong reasons - it isn't a rip-off of Street Fighter II - it's just not a very new or innovative 1-on-1 ! =./09/04/07
Magic SwordMagic Sword is neither the best nor the worst of its kind, but it can still be good fun to play now and again :)09/04/07
Mortal KombatGood home port of a great arcade classic, but compromises had to be made ...08/07/07
Mortal Kombat 3A good game, and fun to play, but in my opinion actually a step BACK from the high standards set by Mortal Kombat II =./09/05/07
Mortal Kombat IIA big step-up over Mortal Kombat, and a FANTASTIC home conversion to boot !!08/16/07
Samurai ShodownSuffering from a total lack of scaling and censorship issues, this somehow manages to still be an enjoyable fighting romp ... phew !! :)09/05/07
ShadowrunNeither graphically fantastic or aurally stunning, but the results are still rather compelling !! :)08/20/07
Spider-Man / X-Men: Arcade's RevengePlenty of villains - some making their only cameos in this game !! Worth looking at ;)08/08/04
Street Fighter IIA first-rate arcade-to-home port that ably demonstrates why the Super NES was a force to be reckoned with in its day. Fantastic stuff.09/04/07
Street Fighter II TurboCalling it Street Fighter II 1/2 is a bit harsh - this is a really enjoyable title in its own right, and a worthy addition to the SF Series ...09/04/07
Super BombermanVery simple, very addictive fun AND the first four-player head-to-head game on the Super NES !! Legend.08/24/07
Super Mario KartAn absolutely BRILLIANT addition to any Super NES owner's collection, and a classic example of how a racing game can, and SHOULD, be done just right !09/04/07
Super Street Fighter IIThe finest arcade-to-home port of the series, with sixteen characters, numerous modes, great graphics, the works. Great stuff.09/04/07
Super TennisFocusing on the best parts of tennis (the game itself, not the superstars that play it), Super Tennis delivers excellent fun in a little package :)09/04/07