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Arcade Games

Aqua JetMirror Mode05/17/02
Motor RaidChange Bike Color to CPU Bike Color05/17/02
Motor RaidExtra Stage: Segal05/17/02
Motor RaidUes Segal Weapons in Any Stage05/17/02
Virtua FighterDifferent Costumes04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 2Different Costumes04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 3Different Costumes04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 3Winning pose select04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 3tbDifferent Costumes04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 3tbSelect Victory Pose04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 4Costumes04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 4: EvolutionAlternate Outfits04/18/05
Virtua Fighter KidsCostumes04/30/02


CART Flag to FlagRainy Weather05/10/02
ESPN International Track & FieldExtra Events05/17/02
MohoDisplay Version Number05/17/02
MohoUnlock Bonus Prison05/17/02
MohoUnlock Doctor05/17/02
Sno-Cross Championship RacingUnlockables05/17/02
Test Drive V-RallyUnlockables05/17/02
TNN Motorsports HardCore HeatCheat Codes07/21/01
Virtua Fighter 3tbChange Backgrounds04/30/02
Virtua Fighter 3tbSelect Victory Pose04/30/02
Virtua Striker 2Unlockables11/17/00

Game Boy Color

1942Stage Passwords05/17/02


Virtua Fighter 2Different Costumes05/18/02

PlayStation 2

Virtua Fighter 4: EvolutionPlay in different costumes04/19/05
Yourself!FitnessUnlock new environment and music options04/25/05


AstalHelpful Codes07/07/01
Baku BakuLeague Mode05/05/02
Battle Arena Toshinden RemixCustom Camera05/17/02
Battle MonstersBattlefield Select05/05/02
Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow IslandsCheat Codes05/05/02
Daytona USAJeffry Dance05/05/02
Daytona USA Championship Circuit EditionClear Pause Screen05/18/02
Daytona USA Championship Circuit EditionCodes07/25/02
DoomMap All Things05/17/02
Earthworm Jim 2Codes for extra lives and weapons05/17/02
Earthworm Jim 2Refill Ammo05/17/02
F1 ChallengeChange the Number of Laps05/17/02
G-VectorBonus Credits04/25/05
Galaxy FightBoss code05/05/02
Galaxy FightSelect Victory Pose05/05/02
Golden Axe: The DuelShort Loading05/05/02
Grid RunnerPasswords05/13/02
Groove On Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3Unlock new Characters and Option04/26/05
Independence DayCheat Codes05/17/02
Last BronxPlay in different costumes04/26/05
Magic CarpetCheat Mode05/10/02
Manx TT Super BikeCodes09/04/01
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat Arcade Combat EditionCheat Passwords04/26/05
Mr. BonesAudio Stories04/26/05
NFL Quarterback Club 97Codes11/22/01
Norse by Norsewest: The Return of The Lost VikingsLevel Passwords02/14/03
Resurrection: Rise 2Player Codes05/17/02
Road RashDismount05/17/02
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipClear Pause Screen05/19/02
Shinobi LegionsCodes05/17/02
Space HarrierCodes07/26/02
Street Racer ExtraCup and Advanced Options Passwords04/25/05
The House of the DeadCodes04/24/02
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkPasswords09/23/01
Time Warner Interactive's VR Virtua RacingHidden Portion on Amazon Falls Track04/25/05
TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4X4Codes05/10/02
Vampire Savior: The Lord of VampireEX Options04/25/05
Virtua FighterCodes12/27/02
Virtua Fighter 2Codes05/02/02
Virtua Fighter KidsCodes05/03/02
Virtua Fighter RemixCodes04/29/02
Winter HeatSecret Character05/10/02
Wipeout XLCheat Codes04/26/05
WWF In Your HouseRandom Select04/25/05

Sega 32X

Virtua FighterDifferent Costumes04/30/02


Spikeout: Battle StreetEasy Mode04/20/05
Yourself!FitnessUnlock new environment and music options04/19/05