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Nintendo 64

1080: TenEighty SnowboardingOOH! That’s one nasty spill!02/13/01
Bottom of the 9thNothing but zeroes in the line score... except for the errors column02/05/02
CastlevaniaPlease open your hymnals to page... oh, forget it. God's not listening03/19/03
Destruction Derby 64Making cars crash is fun for a weekend, weekend, WEEKEND!!!08/15/02
Excitebike 64Excrement-bike 64 would have been a much more acceptable title03/07/01
Extreme-GXG delivers what it advertises ... Extreme-Gs. Be sure to equip a barf bag...08/14/01
Golden Nugget 64How many Golden Nuggets can one find in the Silver State?02/04/02
GoldenEye 007This review is For Your Eyes Only08/21/02
Iggy's Reckin' BallsAcclaim’s failed attempt at creating a cute mascot. The game, on the other hand...12/27/01
Magical Tetris ChallengeWhere, may I ask, is the proverbial “Disney magic”?02/13/01
Mario GolfFor once, Wario is right: You’re gonna love it04/02/02
Mario TennisLove [luhv] 1. Affection; 2. {tennis} Nothing. Sadly, only the latter definition applies05/04/02
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness Ms. Pac-Man goes 3D. Dot’s nice...05/19/02
Mystical Ninja starring GoemonMystical Ninja is an entertaining Zelda wanna-be02/16/01
PaperboyCover story: PAPERBOY FIRED!03/07/01
Pokemon Puzzle LeagueOnly hard core Pokémon fans would be willing to buy this Tetris Attack upgrade02/21/01
Ridge Racer 64Just as fun as driving drunk06/05/01
Road Rash 64He crashed three times and still beat my flawless driving?06/25/02
San Francisco Rush 2049So much for “we don’t need roads”...09/19/02
South ParkDon't go on down to South Park don't go have yourself a time; Angered faces everywhere, humble gamers get corrupted...03/25/01
Super Smash Bros.Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries: Smash Bros. and its popularity02/16/02
TetrisphereThis Rubik's Cube/Tetris mix is no marriage made in Heaven02/21/01
The New TetrisThe New Tetris is the lead candidate as the worst N64 puzzle game to date (since it's really the only candidate)02/21/01
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterWorthy of a store display. But a purchase? Nope09/04/01
World Driver ChampionshipWorld Driver is approaching the checkered flag...03/11/01