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Game Saves

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Tenchu: Time of the AssassinsSave Game File09/18/05104K
Mission Title: JOHN WEST. Contributor: RAI-ON. Description: B-Side mission set in the City, Tileset. Inspired by the game Manhunt. Expose Starkweather's diabolical schemes involving the staff and animals in the local Zoo.(slot 14)

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Def Jam: Fight for NY: The TakeoverSave Game File09/05/06342K
All fighters, venues and songs unlocked. Story Mode 100%
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesSave Game File08/04/07163K
Helicopter saved in garage, (use a bike to push it out) this save is NOT hacked. Enjoy!
LocoRocoSave Game File06/25/0616K
LocoRoco world 5-1: All LocoRoco unlocked
LuminesSave Game File12/24/0642K
100%!!! Everything unlocked (including Water, flower & lights!!!
LuminesSave Game File08/31/0637K
CPU Mode beaten, All characters unlocked.
Power Stone CollectionSave Game File10/24/0619K
All Secret Book pages unlocked in Power Stone 1 and 2 (includes all characters, special items, Bomber Battle multiplayer mode and all extra Stages). Also all the Power Stone collections menu unlocked.