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Game Saves

PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Breath of Fire IIISave Game File01/24/01131K
Beginning of game, all dragon genes, 5 million zenny, master's rod
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - RetaliationSave Game File01/24/01131K
Allied Disc - All Levels Unlocked (General Ranking)
SuikodenSave Game File02/21/01131K
First save of the game, hero at level 10, weapon at level 5, holy crystal equipped, 9 water rune pieces equipped on weapon, 9 water rune pieces in inventory, 50,000 bits
SuikodenSave Game File02/21/01131K
Saved before going to the eleve's village, max bits, vault is filled with: excellent armors, earth shields, elemental rune pieces, stat rune pieces, extra level crystals (mother earth, rage, etc.,)
The Legend of DragoonSave Game File02/21/01131K
Begin the game with 99,999,999 gold. Extremely useful.
The Legend of DragoonSave Game File02/21/01131K
Saved at the battle with Fruegel, Guftas and Rodriguez, right before the death of...
The Legend of DragoonSave Game File02/21/01131K
The boss of the game awaits. Last save in the game: best weapons and armor, max gold, all additions mastered, and all characters at decent levels
X-COM: UFO DefenseSave Game File01/24/01131K
Start the game with 268,382,152 dollars on veteran level