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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors ExpansionA Wonderful RTS Game with Historical Value12/18/01
America's ArmyAmerica's Army gives hoo-ah a new definition06/05/04
America's Army: Special ForcesBigger, more extensive and more action...06/13/04
Assassin's Creed IINothing is true.01/03/11
Assassin's Creed IIIA stab in the right direction, or is the series losing its edge?01/07/13
Battle Raper II: The GameFans of penetration during combat without consent: look elsewhere03/21/08
Battlefield VietnamToo much hype, not enough improvement.03/21/04
Brothers in Arms: Earned in BloodI'm in the open? ORLY!?04/05/10
Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayOh look! A conspicuously placed tree that might be a German in disguise!04/08/10
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30Another day in Normandy...11/21/06
Call of DutyNo one won the war alone, so why fight alone?11/12/03
Call of Duty 2Nothing like cruising over the hot sands of Africa in a brand new Crusader.11/14/05
Call of Duty: United Offensive"I need armor support!" I yelled, and I got it.02/06/05
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareFor gore and glory!01/04/13
Company of Heroes: Tales of ValorCOH has a 3-kill streak. You are playing: Defense of the Panzers.06/22/09
F.E.A.R.F.E.A.R., because it sounds better that G.H.O.S.T.B.U.S.T.E.R.S.08/30/06
Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition A far cry from...Far Cry. That makes real sense.07/14/11
Guild Wars FactionsNever let game designers build cities.11/17/08
Guild Wars NightfallWith heroes like these, who needs friends?08/27/07
Guild Wars: Eye of the NorthThis is the Eye calling. We've hit rock bottom. Bring out the shovels.11/18/08
GunOur Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy GUN...03/24/06
Heroes of the PacificI can't fly, but talking on the radio makes me an ace!03/19/07
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum LaudeCould someone please shut that Swingles guy up?12/14/07
Mafia IIChampagne tastes, beer pockets.01/04/11
Medal of HonorThis is not how it ends.01/07/11
Medal of Honor: AirborneAirborne: Jumping out of perfectly good planes since 1943!12/13/07
Medal of Honor: Allied AssaultAn excellent change of pace from previous MoHs...08/31/02
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - BreakthroughNifty additions, but very frustrating...01/29/04
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - SpearheadFinally, a Lee-Enfield...09/25/03
Medal of Honor: Pacific AssaultNow you get attacked by katana-wielding officers. If only collision detection was that sharp...07/12/05
Men of ValorFoliage: the hidden killer in Vietnam08/31/06
Mount & BladeNo, it's not a type of survival tool...10/13/08
Perfect World InternationalIf the world is so perfect, why are we killing monsters?06/08/09
Rise of NationsNations, you may rise!11/27/06
Rise of Nations: Thrones & PatriotsNews Flash: Russian Spy Discovered. America Nukes Russia!11/27/06
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown"Let's see what England has to offer..."05/26/05
Rome: Total WarAll roads lead to Rome: Total War.11/14/05
Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom MurdersA hidden gem that needs finding.01/15/13
Sid Meier's Civilization IIIHey, good looks, addictive...but something's wrong...02/02/02
Sniper: Art of Victory Boom. Headsh...well, you know the rest.10/23/08
Sniper: Path of VengeanceIf you use your imagination hard enough, you can find a sniper rifle...06/05/04
Space CowboyMore like...Space GRINDER Online?02/20/07
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith EditionDon't Force yourself to like this one.10/04/10
StrangleholdI like my eggs Hard Boiled.04/18/11
The Godfather IIEA, you broke my heart.05/16/11
The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthI guess you can say: you got "trolled".01/04/12
The SaboteurThe Saboteur is definitely in the grey area.10/04/10
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconTom Clancy games are known to be good, and Ghost Recon doesn't fail12/21/02
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced WarfighterWith the technology of 2013, you may be able to run this game.07/05/06
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven ShieldEssential Equipment: MP5, Kevlar, some semblance of artificial intelligence.11/27/06
Total War Battles: SHOGUNA shameful display!01/28/13
VietcongGood concept, good approach, good environment, flawed execution...02/21/04
Vietcong: Fist AlphaStereotype Yankee calling arty on generic Vietnamese bunker...11/22/06
War RockIt's War...Rock?12/18/06