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iOS (iPhone/iPad)

PhaseMake your own kind of music02/06/08


10-Yard FightVarsity Blues09/23/02
Adventures of Tom SawyerWhat you say about his company is what you say about society05/21/03
AnticipationSometimes the Anticipation of a thing is better than the thing itself once it happens06/19/03
Balloon FightA first-gen gem05/18/02
Baseball Stars IIWhen baseball games get so real that a virtual vendor charges me $4.50 for a hot dog, remind me to shake my head at the irony08/04/02
Bible AdventuresA true revelation10/07/03
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure Swill & Dead's Excrement Video Game Ab-Clencher11/21/02
Challenge of the DragonDisclaimer: My fingers were totally independent of my body during the typing of this review09/19/02
CocoronThis game is fun, but I can't put my finger on WHY it's fun05/07/02
Color a DinosaurSo, yeah.....04/01/04
DeathbotsPlenty of death, plenty of bots. What can I say? It delivers!03/14/04
Devil WorldHell of a thing04/18/04
Disney's The Little MermaidWater <b>YOU</b> lookin' at?06/09/02
Double DragonHopelessly outnumbered, but strangely, no chance of winning! What's that all about?05/31/02
ExcitebikeExcellence in simplicity05/31/02
Flipull: An Exciting Cube GameAn orange blob with no life story09/28/02
Ghosts 'n GoblinsKnight in shining .... underwear????01/31/02
Guerrilla WarWe all live in an armored submarine07/27/03
Gun.SmokeStarring James.Arness as Matt.Dillon01/15/04
GyromiteWhere's Jimmie Walker when you need him?01/02/03
Ikari Warriors II: Victory RoadGamer's Log, April 12: I run and shoot in all directions, but they kill me anyway.....04/12/02
KaratekaNinja Panic Fight Sunburn Man!07/06/02
Kickle CubicleEat my cheese grater, suckers!!!05/02/04
Mach RiderA Mach-ery of gaming.11/25/03
Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of the Magic BubbleJust think of what's in this game and you'll forget that I don't have a tagline!02/16/03
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!Ear-bitingly good!06/22/02
Mr. GimmickI thought CJayC didn't accept Gimmick reviews, but here we are09/22/03
NARCIf only Traffic had been this good01/22/02
Niji no SilkroadLawrence of Arabia had it easier than this01/25/02
Panic RestaurantYou got served!03/11/04
Pesterminator: The Western ExterminatorRedefining "getting hammered"07/30/02
Rad RacerThree ... two ... one ... game over! Just before the finish line!01/25/02
SeicrossBike to the future10/07/03
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & SpeakRead you loud and clear04/18/03
Super CSuper C-ding your definition of an action game05/11/04
Super Mario Bros.Exordium revisited10/09/03
Super Mario Bros. / Duck HuntSuper Mario saves video games from eternally rotting in hell! And Duck Hunt comes along for the ride.07/02/02
Super Mario Bros. 3P-wingin' it03/22/03
Taboo: The Sixth Sense Oops11/29/03
Tagin' DragonTaggin' Dragon is so laggin' that you'll be naggin' that it needs a fraggin'12/12/02
The Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutWorth a once-over, but not a twice-over or a thrice-over11/18/01
The Bugs Bunny Crazy CastleNothing comes between a bunny and his carrots06/28/02
Urban ChampionPushed around this dirty old town03/13/03

Nintendo 64

Pokemon SnapSnap judgment04/02/03


Atomic BombermanBomberman bombs big-time with this way-too-limited game06/03/02
Battle ChessBishop b2 to knight e5 *SLICE*03/11/03
bleem!The dream of a console ported to PC will have to wait for more competent developers06/03/02
Chip's ChallengeFun Fact: Chip was actually designed to resemble Bill Gates. Or not. You be the judge.12/19/03
Commander Keen Episode V: The Armageddon MachineClassic platforming by the numbers, with enjoyable results05/20/02
CreaturesI call the big one Bitey06/03/02
Hi-OctaneAll cars should have guns04/17/02
Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkA good Home Alone game? What's next, Kieran Culkin in "Igby Goes Down: The Graphic Adventure"?07/29/03
Jazz JackrabbitSonic the Hedgehog with a big stinkin' gun.11/18/01
King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go YonderHoney, I shrunk the kingdom11/16/02
LemmingsJust dig!01/15/02
Oh No! More LemmingsDrags you through the mud and has you begging for more05/19/02
Pocket TanksThere's a rocket in my pocket02/27/03
Progress QuestAnd the beat goes on06/27/03
Road RashMy, what exaggerated facial features you have!07/27/02
SkiFreeSo you don't have to go out and slam into a tree yourself06/08/02
Star Trek: Judgment RitesI ated the roddenberries! ..... Oh, they taste like burning!01/15/03
The Incredible Machine 3Stupid @%*#$&! mixer won't turn on!01/24/02
WelltrisWell, well, well, what have we here.....?02/04/02
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?Rockapella > j0001/20/03
Worms 2Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go play Worms12/07/03