Adventures of Lolo 3Level passwords02/18/05
All-Pro BasketballChampionship game with LA02/18/05
Baseball Simulator 1.000Automatically catch fly balls02/18/05
Baseball Simulator 1.000Remove an opposing hitter from the game02/18/05
Baseball Simulator 1.000Send a fielder into space02/18/05
Bases LoadedDon't get ejected during a fight02/18/05
Bases LoadedMake a hitter charge the mound and be ejected02/18/05
Bases LoadedPitch a Perfect Game02/18/05
Cobra TrianglePower up boat easily02/18/05
Demon SwordLevel passwords02/18/05
Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesContinue in Level 4 or 502/18/05
Dragon Warrior IIUnlimited gold02/18/05
Dynowarz: The Destruction of SpondylusPasswords10/28/02
Flying Dragon: The Secret ScrollPasswords06/12/03
Flying WarriorsPassword02/18/05
GauntletMake exits appear in certain levels02/18/05
Gradius10,000 Bonus Points02/18/05
GradiusLevel warps02/18/05
HoopsLevel passwords02/18/05
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II5 lives02/18/05
Jeopardy! Junior EditionDoctor Category Bug05/19/02
John Elway's QuarterbackFast receivers02/18/05
Journey to SiliusSound Test02/18/05
Marble MadnessExtra time02/18/05
Mission: ImpossibleComputer access code02/18/05
NES Play Action FootballPower Bowl Passwords02/18/05
Ninja GaidenExtra lives02/18/05
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosExtra lives02/18/05
Nintendo World CupPasswords for all teams02/18/05
Racket AttackClay Court passwords02/18/05
Racket AttackGrass Court passwords02/18/05
Racket AttackHard Court Passwords02/18/05
Rolling ThunderLevel Passwords10/30/01
Snow BrothersTime Mode02/18/05
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden WarpshipPassword02/18/05
Super PitfallExtra lives02/18/05
Tecmo BowlPasswords to play in the Tecmo Bowl02/18/05
The Black BassClass B with many fish caught02/18/05
The Legend of ZeldaFewer enemies02/18/05
The Magic of ScheherazadePasswords02/18/05
Top Players TennisFrench Open Finals: Lendl vs. Evert02/18/05
Wall Street KidPassword02/18/05
WCW World Championship WrestlingPasswords02/18/05
ZanacChange the music02/18/05
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkEarn quick experience for new character02/18/05

Super Nintendo

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom"Try Again" mode03/07/05