CastlevaniaYou'd think killing Dracula once was enough, but no...05/23/05
Disney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersA spectacular game, which just happens to be based on something12/13/06
Disney's The Little MermaidA mermaid's tale02/02/05
Dr. MarioLet's play doctor03/05/03
Dragon WarriorPrepare for adventure09/16/03
FaxanaduI’m trying to save the town, and all the king can spare is 1500 gold?09/07/03
Final FantasyWhile it can be hard to get into at first, there’s a very enjoyable game inside06/25/03
Hogan's AlleyA spectacular Zapper game, and just a fun game in general09/22/06
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaGames used to be much harder. We had to walk barefoot through the snow, uphill, to get them too07/29/03
Maniac MansionNo one was harmed in the creation of this review06/12/03
Mickey MousecapadeNothing special, but still a rather fun game07/30/03
Pinball QuestIt’s Pinball with a purpose06/10/03
Road RunnerRunning and chasing and explosions01/10/08
Shadowgate (1987)Enter the world of Shadowgate03/17/03
Super Mario Bros.Why do we play video games?01/08/04
Super Mario Bros. 2A Mario game? No. An original game? No. A great game? Sure.11/03/00
TetrisHey, it was 8AM when I started playing, how’d it get to be 10AM already?… wait… it’s 10PM…01/14/03
The Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutIt's a party, and you're invited07/18/05
The Legend of Zelda…but wait, there’s more!01/08/04
WillowA very enjoyable adventure, with some interesting elements mixed in02/11/05
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkI go and save the princess, and now she wants to sleep?03/20/03

Super Nintendo

ActRaiserA tale of two genres12/20/04
Aerobiz SupersonicBe an executive in the high-paced world of airline management06/05/03
Chrono TriggerAs time passes by, still my favorite game ever10/13/02
Donkey Kong CountryA masterpiece of design, with a very fun game tucked away in there as well09/18/03
DrakkhenWho really needs an excuse to go on adventure? Just put together a group of four, and wait for the reason to come to you07/25/03
EarthBound Wouldn't it be nice if your father really gave you a $10,000 allowance just for calling him?01/13/03
Final Fantasy IIIThe final Fantasy for the SNES, and quite possibly the best of the whole series07/10/07
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomLufia, how I love thee11/29/04
Lufia II: Rise of the SinistralsDidn't I beat this already?05/06/05
Mario PaintMore than just a painting utility in a cartridge, a fun game08/28/06
Nolan Ryan's BaseballOn the plus side, it came with a really cool poster12/21/04
Out of This WorldAwkward, sometimes confusing, but still fun07/31/03
SimCityYour own city, without the hassle of needing to be re-elected every few years05/12/05
Super Mario WorldMario apparently has an entire world to himself now. With a game this good though, he's likely to have a long line of people waiting for admission07/20/03
Super NintendoStill getting the majority of my gaming time, and still the greatest system ever made02/24/03
Super Punch-Out!!No Tyson this time, but still plenty of fun03/09/05
Tetris AttackPuzzle addiction, plus fun Mario characters06/23/05
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastAn amazing adventure, a deep and engrossing game11/11/04
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?She's on the loose again01/11/06
WordtrisIt's sort of like if Scrabble and Tetris got together and had a baby05/11/05