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BlodiaLevel Passwords (Warm Up)04/28/03


Action BassExtra levels08/07/02
Action BassLargER fish08/07/02
Action BassNew Lures08/07/02
All Star Tennis '99Cheat Codes11/11/00
Army Men World War: Final FrontAll Weapons08/08/02
Army Men: Air Attack 2Cheat Codes08/08/02
Army Men: Air Attack 2Level Warps08/08/02
Builder's BlockAnother World Mode08/07/02
Builder's BlockBonus level08/07/02
ContenderHidden Fighters08/08/02
ContenderInstant Win08/08/02
Kururin Pa!View Ending.05/04/03
Norse by Norsewest: The Return of the Lost VikingsMisc. Passwords08/06/02
Pastel MuseSelect Level03/09/09
Roll AwayMisc. Codes04/28/03
The Bombing IslandsPasswords08/07/02
Ultimate 8 BallSure Win03/27/13
Ultimate 8 BallView ball paths03/27/13
Virus: The Battle FieldLevel Skip05/04/03