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Game Saves

PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Disgaea 2: Cursed MemoriesSave Game File12/22/0920K
Chapter 1 MAX level Slot 2 - Start game, all classes unlocked, have characters 1&2's stats maxed out.
Gran Turismo 4Save Game File05/30/081487K
9,385,004 money, 100%, all cars, all lisence.

PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Japan)

Initial D Special StageSave Game File12/22/0911K
Start with Tak's AE86

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightSave Game File05/27/0819K
(PSP PSV save) cleared game 187% with cissagrim, new save with all alucard items.

PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (North America)

Dynasty Warriors 3Save Game File09/23/1022K
Everything unlocked: Characters, Weapons, Stages, Items, Movies & Sounds.. All Characters, Bodyguards, Weapons and Items stats are maxed. All 4th weapons
Need for Speed CarbonSave Game File11/02/0639K
Collector's Edition:1 of 3 careers competed, Muscle career 100% completed with Evo IX.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionSave Game File05/31/0525K
at least $100 mil, 100% completed, all A class cars in garage, suped up!!
Samurai Warriors: Xtreme LegendsSave Game File05/31/0565K
Have all characters including Lu Bu. Lots of good weapons and very good items. Unlocked all maps and movies

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Rengoku: The Tower of PurgatorySave Game File05/30/05504K
powered up with a couple good weapons and at least 2 slots for each body part.
Street SupremacySave Game File08/12/07266K
Game Beaten Once, Allows you to select Team, about 50,000,000 Cr. you can buy any car you want a fully supe it up.

Wii Game Save File (North America)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3Save Game File02/27/081323K
Unlock everything, all capsules.