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Commodore 64

Defender of the CrownInfinite Money03/10/03

Game Boy

WWF War ZoneLevel 1: Kane05/13/03
WWF War ZoneLevel 1: Mankind05/13/03


Def Jam VendettaUnlock all Fighters04/03/03
Def Jam VendettaUnlockable Venues04/14/03


Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics!Level Passwords12/29/02

PlayStation 2

Def Jam VendettaUnlockable Goodies04/06/03

Sega Master System

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP IILevel Passwords03/06/03
Forgotten WorldsUnlimited Continues in 2 Player Mode03/07/03
Golden AxeExtra Continue04/19/03
Golden AxeExtra Points04/19/03
Impossible MissionArea Passwords04/19/03
Mick & Mack: Global GladiatorsLevel Select03/07/03
Poseidon Wars 3-DInfinite Continues03/07/03
Poseidon Wars 3-DSound Test03/07/03
Prince of PersiaLevel Passwords03/07/03
QuartetLevel Select03/07/03
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorExtra Lives04/19/03
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorLevel Skip04/19/03
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorWeapon Select04/19/03
Sonic the Hedgehog ChaosInvincibility04/19/03
Spider-ManSecret PacMan game03/06/03
Super Kick OffPlay Different Teams03/06/03
Zillion II: The Tri FormationExtra Continues03/06/03