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Game Boy Advance

Sword of ManaBlack Enemies12/09/03
Sword of ManaTrading Amigos11/15/04


HookInfinite Lives11/08/04
Puyo PuyoSound Test11/08/04
Uncharted WatersInitial Stat Increase11/08/04

Nintendo 64

Starshot: Space Circus Fever100 Mega Fuel08/02/04
Starshot: Space Circus FeverWarp Mode08/02/04


Phantasy Star OnlineSkip Credits08/16/04

Super Nintendo

Arkanoid: Doh It Again2 Player Battle08/04/04
Arkanoid: Doh It AgainLevel Passwords08/04/04
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonUse Same Character in 2P Mode11/02/04
Choplifter IIIEasy Mode Sector Passwords08/02/04
Choplifter IIIHard Mode Sector Passwords08/02/04
Choplifter IIINormal Mode Sector Passwords08/02/04
Ghost Chaser DenseiChange Costume Colour11/08/04
Ghost Chaser DenseiInfinite Time11/08/04
Ghost Chaser DenseiLevel Codes11/08/04
Ghost Chaser DenseiUse Same Character in Battle Mode11/08/04
R-Type IIILevel Select (Japanese version only)08/02/04
Uncharted WatersInitial Stat Increase11/08/04
Young MerlinProgress Passwords08/02/04
Ys V ExpertTime Attack Mode11/08/04