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Game Saves

PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Croc 2Save Game File02/14/11131K
100% complete with all levels available, all golden gobbos and puzzle pieces collected.
Saiyuki: Journey WestSave Game File07/06/09131K
3 saves including prebattle at final stage "Truths Temple" and "Pits". All secret characters obtained, Level 40+, Max HP/MP, best magic scrolls and items available.
The Legend of DragoonSave Game File08/26/09131K
3 Final Boss Saves. 1st - Super Virage. 2nd - Zieg Feld. 3rd - Melbu Frahma. All Dragoons Level & Additions Mastered. Best Weapons, Armors and Items available.
The MummySave Game File09/23/10131K
100% completed - All perfect zones gems & weapons collected, all levels unlocked.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

DanganSave Game File02/14/11131K
Before Final Stage
Lucifer RingSave Game File10/14/10131K
Complete the game twice - Stage select & weapon select (all weapons collected) available.