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Adidas Beach VolleyLevel Skip01/15/09
AmniosLevel Passwords05/26/06
Bad CompanyInfinite Energy09/19/06
BelialCheat Mode09/28/06
BenefactorLevel Passwords08/30/06
Bubble DizzyLevel Select07/27/07
Bubble DizzyMusic Test07/27/07
Cosmic SpaceheadLevel Passwords08/28/06
Ghostbusters IIInfinite Lives08/25/06
GobliiinsLevel Passwords08/25/06
Line of FireInfinite Lives09/15/06
LogicalLevel Passwords09/14/06
Manic MinerInfinite Lives08/31/06
MenaceCheat Code09/01/06
Mortal KombatCheat Mode09/01/06
OsirisLevel Passwords09/01/06
Oxyd Magnum!Level Passwords09/01/06
Rock 'N RollCheat Mode08/28/06
Rock Star Ate My HamsterExtra Money01/08/08
Sonic BoomCheat mode08/15/06
Spindizzy WorldsLevel Editor08/29/06
The Light CorridorLevel Passwords08/16/06
Valhalla & The Lord Of InfinityLevel Passwords08/21/06
VeteranStage skip08/21/06
Vital LightLevel Passwords08/29/06
VizLevel select08/21/06
Wendetta 2175Level Passwords (German version)09/01/06
Wendetta 2175Level Passwords (NA version)09/01/06
WinzerExtra Money09/01/06
X-ItCheat Mode09/07/06
ZeewolfPlay with a Jet09/05/06

Commodore 64

LocomotionLevel Passwords (German version)09/08/06

Game Boy Advance

Monster ForceMultiplayer arenas03/20/07


Freestyle Street SoccerMisc. Passwords03/08/04
Hunter: The ReckoningCheat Codes07/18/07
Taz WantedArt Galleries05/16/06


ArcticSound Test05/01/06
G.I. Joe: The Atlantis FactorStage Passwords04/24/06
Kero Kero Keroppi no DaiboukenLevel Passwords04/21/06
Navy BluePasswords06/13/08
Parasol HenbeeLevel Passwords04/16/10
Rainbow IslandsSound Select04/24/06
Rainbow IslandsStart with fast speed and double rapid rainbow04/24/06


Brian Lara Cricket '99Various Codes04/18/05
DreamWorks Shrek SuperSlamUnlockable Characters07/31/06
Freestyle Street SoccerCheats01/20/04
LHX Attack ChopperFull ammo and fuel09/08/06
Line of Sight: VietnamCodes09/08/06
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully BodineCheat Codes09/12/06
Loco-CommotionLevel Select09/08/06
LogicalLevel editor09/12/06
NARCInfinite lives05/05/06
NecrodomeCheat Codes06/11/02
No Man's LandCheat Mode12/01/03
Robo RumbleMission skip05/03/06
Savage WarriorsCodes09/08/02
Scud: Industrial EvolutionLevel Passwords02/16/03
Shade: Wrath of AngelsCodes03/15/05
Shadow MasterCheat mode07/24/06
ShadowgroundsConsole cheats for full version and demo!02/02/06
Shattered SteelCheats07/27/06
ShellshockCheat codes07/28/06
Shockwave AssaultStronger shields and lasers07/31/06
Shogo: Mobile Armor DivisionCheats07/31/06
SilverballExtra Ball07/31/06
Ski Resort TycoonMisc. Codes04/10/01
Skunny KartCheats08/02/06
Small Soldiers: Squad CommanderIn Game Cheats01/04/05
Small Soldiers: Squad CommanderLevel Select08/04/06
Sniper: Path of VengeanceCheat codes06/02/03
Space HackSpace Hack cheat code12/08/05
Space RangersMisc. Cheats08/18/06
Spelling BlizzardLevel Skip08/18/06
Star Trek: Armada IICheat Codes07/15/02
Stardom: Your Quest for FameCheat Codes08/25/06
State of War: WarmongerCheat Codes08/25/06
Storm AngelCheat mode02/02/06
Stunt GPUnlockable Cars08/25/06
Sub CultureLevels08/25/06
Super StardustCheat Codes09/06/06
Super ZZTCheat Codes09/15/03
Sydney 2000Expert Mode09/07/06
Taz WantedArt Galleries05/16/06
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)Challenge mode05/17/06
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)Versus mode characters05/17/06
Terminal VelocityCheats05/18/06
The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieBonus dresses08/21/06
UberSoldierCheats for godmode, noclip, add ammo etc04/10/06
Uprising 2: Lead and DestroyCheat codes05/15/06
War GodsCheat Codes05/10/06
War GodsLevel Select05/09/06
War WindMap coordinates05/09/06
WarGamesCheat Codes07/08/02
Warhammer: Dark OmenView FMV sequences05/09/06
WipeoutRace with an X-Wing05/10/06
Witchaven IIConsole Codes02/20/03
Wolfenstein 3DMusic test05/12/06
Woody Woodpecker RacingUnlock all tracks and racers05/12/06
World Championship RugbyUnlockables by completing certain ingame tasks05/12/06
World Championship Snooker 2004Bonus venues05/12/06
World Championship Snooker 2004Bonus videos05/12/06
World Championship Snooker 2004Memorabilia photos05/12/06
World Championship Snooker 2004Past champions photos05/12/06
World Championship Snooker 2004Secret Players05/12/06
Worms BlastUnlock all tournament modes05/15/06
Worms Forts: Under SiegeCenturion helm and flags05/15/06
WWF With Authority!All Playbooks05/15/06
WWII Iwo JimaCheat codes05/14/06
XenoballLevel Codes03/20/01

PlayStation 2

Taz WantedMini Games05/16/06


de BlobGalleries10/15/09
de BlobMovies10/15/09
Samba de AmigoDance Sound Effects10/27/08
Samba de AmigoSongs10/24/08