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Game Saves

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Ape Escape 2Save Game File02/04/0597K
40% done, Just defeated white monkey, 123 monkeys caught, Dance dance monkey 100% complete
Ape Escape 2Save Game File02/10/0597K
92% complete, all monkeys caught, spike unlocked. everything complete except for timetrials, a mini game and a few collectables
Blitz: The LeagueSave Game File07/21/0634K
Strong assortment of unlockables unlocked
Burnout 3: TakedownSave Game File07/28/0612K
Game complete, some unlockables unlocked
Burnout RevengeSave Game File07/21/066K
Game beat, Lots of cars unlocked
Chaos LegionSave Game File06/29/0586K
Game completed on normal
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeSave Game File10/09/0613K
All songs/characters unlocked
Dark CloudSave Game File07/22/06107K
Location is right before the Final boss
Dynasty TacticsSave Game File06/29/0562K
Great Liu Bei dynasty. This save takes place a few battles after Chi-bi
Dynasty Warriors 4Save Game File07/28/0654K
Everything unlocked
ESPN NBA 2K5Save Game File07/28/069K
Great Chicago Bulls franchise
Gran Turismo 4Save Game File05/01/051487K
38% Complete, all liscences unlocked, 91 cars in garage, 7.6 million credits and Most endurances races completed.
Madden NFL 07Save Game File08/09/069K
NCAA Graduate from Notre Dame for your Superstar mode!
Madden NFL 2005Save Game File01/23/0578K
2004-2005 NCAA draft
Madden NFL 2005Save Game File01/15/0515K
Collectors edition save Great Franchise with the chicago bears
MVP Baseball 2004Save Game File06/16/05287K
2005 World series White sox vs padres
MVP Baseball 2004Save Game File05/30/05348K
Great chicago white sox dynasty.. a few modern day rosters
MVP Baseball 2005Save Game File01/23/05349K
Great chicago cubs dynasty
NBA 2K3Save Game File05/01/05257K
Offseason Great Chicago Bulls franchise, five first round picks
NBA Street Vol. 2Save Game File01/23/0523K
Be a legend save (Up to chicago), street school completed some throwback jerseys unlocked
NBA Street Vol. 2Save Game File01/30/0523K
Everything ( except for a few stats, dunks ) unlocked, all modes 100% complete
NBA Street Vol. 2Save Game File01/28/0523K
Nba challenge 30% complete, Be A Legend mode 100% complete Many unlockables unlocked
NCAA Football 07Save Game File08/09/06672K
Campus Legend Save - Jr/Senior offseason at Notre Dame.
NCAA Football 2005Save Game File01/23/05888K
Dynasty mode 2004 offseason with Notre Dame
Need for Speed UndergroundSave Game File05/30/0520K
beginner mode, game complete, almost every goal beat..
NFL Street 2Save Game File08/09/0641K
Own the street halfway completed
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File02/15/0529K
All level one and two tasks complete, some good gear.
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File02/17/0529K
All round 1-3 tasks and teams beated, most (if not all) unlockables up to this point unlocked
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File03/03/0530K
All round 1-7 tasks/teams beat
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File03/01/0530K
All Tasks and Teams Completed Round 1-6
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File02/19/0530K
All tasks and teams defeated from round 1-5
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File02/18/0530K
All tasks, teams beaten unlockables unlocked for levels 1-4
NHL Hitz 20-03Save Game File03/05/0530K
Franchise mode 100% complete
Sega Sports TennisSave Game File07/28/06143K
Game 75% completed
SSX 3Save Game File12/27/0420K
All tracks unlocked for Nate
Syphon Filter: The Omega StrainSave Game File07/21/0615K
Game halfway completed
The Sims Bustin' OutSave Game File07/21/06510K
Game almost beat- lots of unlockables unlocked
Tony Hawk's UndergroundSave Game File06/16/0521K
Game completed on Insane..
World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 InternationalSave Game File07/21/0655K
Master league mode- Division II, Round Three of Master league cup.