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Adventures of Dino RikiThe dinosaurs will eat you alive in this one.07/20/03
AmagonThis is not an exciting adventure in the Amazon.07/29/03
ContraOne of the most definitive action shooters in its time.07/22/03
Double DragonA worthwhile classic that introduced the beat-em-up genre...07/08/02
Double Dragon II: The RevengePrepare to beat down on opponents like no other game before.07/24/03
Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesIt has all the elements of a perfect fighting game, except it's too hard.07/10/02
GauntletDungeon traveling taken to the extreme.10/21/03
Guerrilla WarThe best pure action shooter with a novelty that never wears off.08/06/03
Ikari WarriorsToo bad they weren't invincible warriors.07/19/03
Jordan vs Bird: One on OneAn innovative-styled basketball game that only lacks in basic areas.03/14/03
MillipedeDestroying bugs and mushrooms can be a real blast.07/26/03
NESThe system that invigorated the video game industry to new heights.07/15/03
Ninja KidAn innovative action game that lacks in certain areas.07/13/03
Pro WrestlingNothing worthy of a suplex, but still a fun wrestling game.07/19/03
Punch-Out!!Prepare to knockout one of the best boxing games ever.07/21/03
R.B.I. Baseball 3The enhanced baseball series makes its final appearance.08/06/03
RamboThe closest you will get to action is killing spiders.07/23/03
Sesame Street: ABCEven young toddlers can learn their alphabet thanks to Big Bird and the gang.08/20/03
Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular!Snoopy's version of the Olympics isn't exactly a smash hit.08/28/03
StarTropicsA quality-made game that combines several genres into one.03/15/03
Stealth ATFThe fate of the free world depends on your mediocre flying skills.07/14/03
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track MeetThe best trio since the Three Stooges.09/10/03
Tecmo BowlSolid arcade styled football that spews out fun.07/27/03
The Legend of ZeldaThus, a classic was born.10/30/03
To the EarthThe paralyzing effect on your hand isn't worth the playing time.09/29/03
Toobin'One of the few and unique games that just makes you feel gnarly.03/11/03
Venice Beach VolleyballDon't expect to get a tan from playing this game.07/16/03
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkStab your way through in this pumped sequel to an everlasting classic.09/18/03


Blue ForceAn underrated police drama that deserves more credit08/20/02
Civilization IIThe all-time definitive strategy game in existence.07/26/03
Counter-StrikeEliminate the opposition while dealing with frantic situations.10/18/03
Day of DefeatThis is the true masterpiece of World War II and realism combined.07/18/03
Final Fantasy VIIOne of the best RPGs of all time hits the PC in style.07/25/03
Half-Life: Azure SheepEscape from Black Mesa through the eyes of a security guard.07/22/03
Half-Life: Desert Crisis Futuristic weapons, sledge hammers, matrix-like abilities, what more could you want.07/19/03
Half-Life: ExistenceAbout as close as you can get to the real Matrix.07/27/03
Half-Life: FirearmsPrepare to decimate your opponents with an arsenal of weapons.07/23/03
Half-Life: Front Line ForceAttack or defend in a generic fashion.09/07/03
Half-Life: Science and IndustryMugging scientists has never been so fun.08/31/03
Half-Life: They HungerRun from flesh eating zombies or be consumed for dinner.09/28/03
Natural SelectionA perfect example of how innovative games can get.07/21/03
Need for Speed III: Hot PursuitMy addiction to tire-burning action has been fulfilled.10/09/03
Quake IITerminate alien existence on a freakish world.09/13/03
RicochetImagine playing frisbee, except you can get decapitated.07/24/03
RollerCoaster TycoonThe real way of managing a theme park.07/30/03
Team Fortress ClassicIf you're bored with your typical deathmatch games, then you haven't seen nothing yet.07/02/02
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixPlanning and first person shooters clash into one jumbled mix.08/11/03
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle WatchThis is too short for the likings of most Rainbow Six fans.08/22/03
Virtua Squad 2Now's your chance to put an end to hostage situations and robberies with a simple click.07/15/03