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Game Boy Advance

Disney's Peter Pan: Return to NeverlandLevel Passwords04/03/02
KAO the KangarooPasswords06/19/03


Police Quest: SWAT 2Codes08/01/01
SkiFreeSlow mode12/22/01
SkiFreeTurbo mode12/22/01
Syndicate WarsIn-Game Cheats02/02/04
Syndicate WarsMenu Screen Cheats02/02/04
The Journeyman Project Turbo!Game Codes07/11/01
The SimsHidden Picture09/28/01


007: Tomorrow Never DiesMisc. Codes09/21/01
Critical DepthQuadruple Damage08/14/01
Critical DepthUnlockable Submarines06/30/01
DriverLong suspension07/05/01
Final DoomMisc. Codes10/03/00
Gauntlet LegendsTurn Death into food07/05/01
Gran Turismo 2Misc. Unlockables07/05/01
Grand Theft Auto 2Change the radio station07/05/01
MLB Pennant RaceHome Run Hitter01/14/02
NFL GameDay 2000Misc. Passwords08/31/00
OneMisc. Passwords08/27/00
SimCity 2000Helicopter view07/05/01
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!Misc. Unlockables07/05/01
The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-TractionMisc. Passwords08/25/02
Triple Play 2001Unlockable Extras11/13/00
Twisted Metal 4In-Game Cheat Codes06/30/01
WWF War ZoneMisc. Codes04/20/01
WWF War ZoneMisc. Unlockables07/08/01

PlayStation 2

ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002Passwords12/17/01
Max PaynePause Codes07/12/02
NFL Blitz 20-02Character Codes02/19/02
Sunny Garcia SurfingCheat Codes04/03/02
Theme Park Roller CoasterNever Pay Any Money06/30/01

Sega CD

Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark SideDebug Mode06/30/01
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun FightersLevel Select06/30/01
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun FightersRealistic Mode06/30/01
Sewer SharkContinue the Game07/22/01