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Famicom Disk System

Big Challenge! Dogfight SpiritSee the Credits06/06/14
The Mysterious Murasame CastleSee the Credits07/14/14

Game Boy

Double YakumanSee the Credits06/06/14
Katsuba Yosou Keiba KizokuSee the Credits06/06/14
Patlabor: The Mobile PoliceSee the Credits06/06/14
Tetris BlastSee the Credits (Japanese Version)05/06/13
The FlashSee the Credits07/02/14
Vegas StakesUnlock Laurel Palace06/04/07

Game Boy Color

Roland Garros 2000Game 100% Complete10/27/15


Arch Rivals: The Arcade GameSound Test03/04/14
Chi Chi's Pro Challenge GolfFinal Day Passwords08/22/13
Disney's Ariel: The Little MermaidSee the Credits04/07/14
Kishi DensetsuSee the Credits06/06/14


Aussie Rules FootyHidden Credits06/24/13
Genpei ToumadenSee The Credits05/13/16
Remote ControlView Game Developers12/03/10
War on WheelsEnding Password03/11/14
Win, Lose or DrawGreetings From Eric Shefferman11/29/10
Win, Lose or DrawView Game Credits11/29/10


Life & Death 2: The BrainSee the Credits09/07/14
Life & Death 2: The BrainSee the Credits09/07/14
Pool of RadiancePasswords In Sokal Keep and Pyramid09/14/07

Super Nintendo

Gegege no Kitarou: Youkai DonjaaraTriathlon Mode10/22/15
Pinball DreamsSee the Credits05/28/14
Wolfenstein 3DBoss Level Passwords (Easy)09/24/07
Wolfenstein 3DLevel Passwords (Easy)09/24/07