Scramble CobraSecret Mission12/11/01

BBS Door

Legend of the Red DragonCheats12/11/01
Legend of the Red DragonEaster Egg Poem12/11/01


Alien GateLevel Passwords12/11/01
Hotel MarioWarp Zone!12/11/01

Game Boy Advance

Alienators: Evolution ContinuesLevel Passwords02/07/02
Alienators: Evolution ContinuesUnlimited Ammo02/28/02
Army Men AdvanceAll Levels Both Chars.11/02/01
Army Men: Operation GreenLevel Select02/28/02
Dinotopia: The Timestone PiratesLevel Select09/20/02
Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderStart with 20 Buses02/28/02
Planet of the ApesLevel Passwords02/28/02
Rocket Power: Dream SchemeLevel Passwords12/06/01
Spy HunterCheat Codes10/05/02
Spyro: Season of IceCheat Codes12/16/01
Super Mario AdvanceWarp To World 608/23/01


Batman: VengeanceCheat Codes02/03/02
Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach VolleyballCheat Passwords08/19/03
Cel DamageCheat Passwords06/25/02
Crazy TaxiCheat Codes11/30/01
Spider-Man: The MovieCheat Passwords04/18/02
SSX TrickyUnlockables12/30/01
The Simpsons: Road RageSkip Missions01/02/02
The Simpsons: Road RageTurn off the map01/29/02
Wave Race: Blue StormPasswords01/03/02


Age of EmpiresCheat Codes12/07/01
Alone in the Dark 3Get 32000 Body Points12/07/01
Avernum2 item trick12/07/01
Duke Nukem 3DHidden Video04/14/02
Escape VelocityGet the Forklift09/13/01
Escape Velocity NovaHidden Dialog04/18/02
Escape Velocity: OverrideEaster Egg Haikus12/14/01
Escape Velocity: OverrideEaster Egg Poem12/14/01
Final DoomCheat Codes12/07/01
Harry the Handsome ExecutiveCheat Codes12/07/01
Harry the Handsome ExecutiveLevel Select12/07/01
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the FlameEnable Cheats09/13/01
The Sims1,000 Simoleons09/13/01
The SimsActivate Water Tool09/13/01
The SimsAutonomy09/13/01
The SimsDisplay Interests of Sim09/13/01
The SimsEdit Locked Tiles09/13/01
The SimsFloorable Grid09/13/01
The SimsHide tile info window09/13/01
The SimsLoad A House09/13/01
The SimsLog of activities09/13/01
The SimsSet Grass Growth Rate09/13/01
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixCheats12/07/01


Knockout Kings 2000280 Pound Heavyweight Boxer12/11/01

PlayStation 2

Silent Hill 2New Options12/11/01

Sega Master System

ALFGet All Items09/05/01

Super Nintendo

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Codes04/30/02


RalliSport ChallengeCheat Codes09/01/02