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Game Saves

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Kya: Dark LineageSave Game File09/04/0452K
Game saved after last boss battle in Nativ town. Walk up to Frank next to Atea's hut to see ending scene - All 260 Nativs Saved - All Runes Found - Most Items Bought - All Life Bars Found,One left to buy
Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionSave Game File02/04/05130K
This save has four saves in it, the first one titled "JAC03 23:49:45 2/3/05" has 110 BP, 110 NT, 21 M, and 56 LP found, no missions completed on Map 2, and all Cards up to the 10 of Hearts caught alive.
Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinSave Game File12/24/0424K
End of game save:Dawn of a new Fate - All weapons and artwork found
Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinSave Game File12/24/0424K
Save in front of Water Sword - Taking Water Sword or not determines which ending and end battle you will get.
Radiata StoriesSave Game File10/08/05197K
This is a save that has all 97 recruitable characters (101 in your friends list) that are possible to get before Ridleys party, and most items you can get before the party. The records are at Jacks house in his phonograph.
Radiata StoriesSave Game File10/16/05197K
This is a save with every possible character recruited (141/177) before Jack sleeps in Fort Helencia, then the Radiata Knights Attack. Best weapons & armor up to this point in the game also.
Radiata StoriesSave Game File10/12/05197K
This save has all the recruitable characters (104 in friends list) you can get before the story splits. This save was made right after "Build That Body" mission. To continue the story you need to enter Jacks house after 7:00 am.