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Ultraman PoweredPlay as a Monster10/14/02
Ultraman PoweredPlay as Baltan II10/14/02


PushoverLevel Passwords10/14/02

Arcade Games

Alpine Racer 2Darker/Foggier Track06/26/06
Bubble MemoriesCodes06/26/06
Bubble SymphonyEnter these before inserting your coin, at the intro screen04/24/02
California SpeedDisplay Release Date06/26/06
Cruis'n ExoticaSpecial Features06/26/06
Cyber CyclesPenguin Scooter06/26/06
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd MixCodes06/26/06
Daytona USAHidden Music09/27/02
Daytona USA 2Light Up Fantasy Amusement Park06/26/06
Daytona USA 2 Power EditionAlternate Camera Angles06/26/06
Daytona USA 2 Power EditionLight Up Fantasy Amusement Park06/26/06
DecathleteFaster 100m Dash06/26/06
DrumMania 2nd MixCodes06/26/06
DrumMania 2nd MixExpert Real Mode06/26/06
DrumMania 2nd MixSong Speed06/26/06
DrumMania 2nd MixToggle Session Mode Difficulty06/26/06
DrumMania 4th MixCodes06/26/06
DrumMania 4th MixOptions Menu06/26/06
DrumMania 4th MixSong Speed06/26/06
DrumMania 7th MixAuto Play Modes06/26/06
DrumMania 7th MixDifficulty06/26/06
DrumMania 7th MixDisable Session Play06/26/06
DrumMania 7th MixSong Speed06/26/06
DrumMania 7th MixSort Song List Alphabetically06/26/06
Ghosts 'n GoblinsBroken Timer01/02/04
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterHidden Fighters04/25/02
Mortal Kombat 3Random Select04/26/02
Mortal Kombat 3Vs Screen Passwords04/26/02
Pocket FighterFight as Akuma10/14/02
Pocket FighterFight as Dan10/14/02
Samurai Shodown IIIPlay as Zankuro in 2-Player Mode08/15/02
Street Fighter: The MovieClassic Soundtrack Music Remixes: Enter at the VS screen10/13/02
Street Fighter: The MovieEnter these codes at the character select screen10/14/02
The Final RoundDifficulty Codes06/26/06
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Codes04/29/02

Atari 2600

CarnivalView Credits02/25/03
Desert FalconView Credits02/25/03
DragonstomperDefuse Traps02/25/03
DragonstomperView Programmer's Initials02/25/03


Space AceLevel Select10/14/02

Commodore 64

Monty on the RunInvincibility11/07/02


Death Crimson OXFree Play11/07/02
Nightmare Creatures IIRemove Pause Message10/17/02

Game Boy

Bart Simpson's Escape From Camp DeadlyFull Debug Mode09/10/13
Star Trek: 25th AnniversaryCreate Warp Jump Spot10/17/02

Game Boy Advance

The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da RulesCheat Mode12/06/04


Mission: Impossible: Operation SurmaLevel Select06/28/04
NBA 2K3Codes Menu10/20/02
NBA Live 2004Shoe Passwords11/02/03
NBA Live 2005NBA Lounge Codes11/15/04
NCAA Football 2005Misc. Unlockables07/14/04
The IncrediblesCheats11/08/04


Disney's The Jungle BookStage Select07/13/02
Dragon CrystalTurbo Speed07/13/02
NBA JamHidden Player Codes02/03/04
NBA JamTonight's Match-Up Codes02/03/04
Phantom 2040Level Passwords07/13/02


AAAHH!!! Real Monsters''Monsters Options'' Cheat Menu05/24/11
GargoylesDedication Screens (Alternate Codes)07/15/02
Haunting Starring PolterguyLevel Skip & Extra Points10/19/02
Haunting Starring PolterguyNo Music10/19/02
Jeopardy! Sports EditionBlock Responses from Computer Opponent04/11/02
NBA JamUnlock All Powerups11/08/02
Primal RageFergus Devil03/23/02
Rolling Thunder 2High Difficulty Level Passwords06/06/03
Samurai ShodownNo Music During First Round of Any Match10/13/02


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of TarminPause Game12/01/02
AstrosmashHidden Game12/01/02
Auto RacingHidden Game12/01/02
Slam Dunk Super Pro BasketballView Credits10/17/02


Alien vs. PredatorDebug Mode10/15/02


Power FactorCheat Codes10/17/02


AfterlifeCheat Codes11/21/02
DescentCheat Codes11/11/02
Descent IICheat Codes11/11/02
Descent IILose Some Energy & Shields11/11/02
Gopher GolfMove Ball11/21/02
Lode RunnerCodes11/21/02
Mars RisingChristmas Music11/21/02
Mars RisingLevel Select11/21/02
Myth II: SoulblighterKill Chosen Animal11/21/02
Myth II: SoulblighterLevel Select11/21/02
Myth II: SoulblighterLose Level11/21/02
Myth II: SoulblighterWin Level11/21/02
QuakeCheat Codes11/12/02


Real Bout Fatal Fury 2Fight Alfred10/17/02

NeoGeo Pocket Color

SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash - SNK VersionNeo-Geo World Auction11/07/02


Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomAct Passwords (Japanese version)03/24/02
Prince of PersiaPasswords04/29/02
Pro Sport HockeyPasswords08/17/02
Rolling ThunderLevel Passwords10/30/01
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntCheat Codes02/25/02
Totally RadCredits01/02/04
Totally RadLevel Select/Sound Test01/02/04

Nintendo 64

MonopolyGold Tokens02/27/02
NFL Quarterback Club 98Secret Codes11/18/03


BananoidLevel Skip05/04/05
Batman: Arkham CityUse Alternate Skins in Main Game01/03/12
Mortal Kombat 4Missing Text01/02/04
Mortal Kombat TrilogyImmediately Access Lost Treasures of Shao Kahn12/22/02
Mortal Kombat TrilogyPlay as Chameleon12/22/02
Mortal Kombat TrilogyRandom Select12/22/02
SiNCheat Codes12/20/00


Battle HeatBonus Fighters10/16/02
Der Langrisser FXBonus Options10/16/02


Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las VegasBonus Cheats08/17/01

PlayStation 2

RC Revenge ProCheat Codes08/23/01


NASCAR 98Codes10/18/02

Sega 32X

Mortal Kombat IICheat Codes10/17/02
Mortal Kombat IIFight Noob Saibot10/17/02

Sega CD

BattlecorpsLevel Select10/24/02

Sega Master System

Black BeltInfinite Lives10/03/02

Super Nintendo

College SlamCodes08/02/02
Firepower 2000Codes01/14/02
Ninja Gaiden TrilogyPasswords: Ninja Gaiden08/27/02
Ninja Gaiden TrilogyPasswords: Ninja Gaiden II08/27/02
Ninja Gaiden TrilogyPasswords: Ninja Gaiden III08/27/02
Prehistorik ManStage Select/Skip03/03/02
Sonic Blast ManCodes03/01/02
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of TimeLevel Passwords04/26/02
Street CombatCodes08/23/01
Super Star Wars: Return of the JediCodes04/22/01
Super Street Fighter IIUse Up to 8 of Each Fighter in Group Battle04/11/02
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Codes04/30/02


Ninja GaidenCheats07/13/02
Ninja GaidenLanguages07/13/02


Cosmic ChasmView Programmer's Screen10/28/02
Rip OffView Programmer's Screen10/28/02
ScrambleView Programmer's Easter Egg10/28/02
Star CastleView Programmer's Screen10/28/02
Web WarsView Programmer's Screen10/28/02


Star Trek: ConquestUnlockable Skirmish Maps01/03/08
Star Trek: ConquestUnlockable Skirmish Ships01/28/08


Sega Soccer SlamOther Unlockables10/20/02
Sega Soccer SlamUnlockable Balls10/20/02
Sega Soccer SlamUnlockable Player Items10/20/02
Sega Soccer SlamUnlockable Stadiums10/20/02
Sega Soccer SlamUnlockable Teams10/20/02

Xbox 360

Guitar Hero: Van HalenCheat Menu12/22/09
Guitar Hero: Van HalenUnlock Classic Van Halen costumes12/22/09
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Codes10/23/06