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Battle Arena Toshinden RemixNot a bad fighter, grows on you in time03/24/08
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams...A good ride, even for a sampler12/08/08
Clockwork KnightA short yet enjoyable playthrough08/23/10
CriticomFlawed where it counts06/01/10
Cyber SpeedwayA cool concept with only decent execution05/03/10
Darius GaidenA difficult, good looking shooter06/01/10
Dead or AliveThe crown jewel of Saturn 3D fighters05/03/10
Dragon ForceWorking Designs really outdid themselves here03/26/08
Fighters MegamixSega brings together its best03/31/08
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballA decent game of baseball05/17/10
GrandiaOver 50 hours of solid RPG action04/21/11
Last BronxA solid 3D fighter, with weapons to top it off08/27/10
NBA Jam Tournament EditionClassic jam action, plain and simple07/29/08
NiGHTS Into Dreams...Sonic Team really made a gem03/24/08
Road RashSome good, bruising fun08/15/08
ScorcherAn innovative ride05/10/10
Shining Force IIIOne of the Saturn's best RPGs12/18/08
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Nerawareta MikoMore of the same Shining Force quality12/23/08
Slam 'n Jam '96 featuring Magic & KareemGives NBA Jam a run for its money12/01/08
Solar EclipseA good shooter many years later05/19/10
Street Fighter: The MovieThough it's not great, it's Street Fighter 2 at heart08/25/10
Virtua Fighter 2One of the better fighters out there. A Saturn gem03/21/08
Virtual-On: Cyber TroopersGood times with big bots08/18/08
World Series BaseballHumble beginnings...08/25/10
World Series Baseball '98Extremely solid, especially for its time07/22/08