Game Saves

PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionSave Game File07/04/082682K
You have 100 in all Attributes and Skills, with no missions discovered or completed (apart from Training). The best weapons and armor, all locations found as well. See "Read Me!" for more details.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Rugrats: Search for ReptarSave Game File06/07/07131K
12 Puzzle Pieces, 50 Reptar Bars, Every level searched, completed and mastered. You are ready to play Reptar 2010.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

DDRMAX: Dance Dance RevolutionSave Game File01/19/0615K
Custom Made Songs For The Hits: "Rhythm & Police", "Sandstorm", "Drop The Bomb", "Ordinary World"...and some joke songs, "Easter Eggs", thrown in for some humor.
Fatal FrameSave Game File01/19/06928K
My Fatal Frame Album, not a game save. 24 pictures of really good shots of ghosts, scenary and other things. Enjoy!
Grand Theft Auto IIISave Game File01/19/06181K
Completely Mastered. 100%. Best weapons in hand with cool cars in garages. Happy Rampages! :)
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasSave Game File01/19/061918K
100%. Completely Mastered IN EVERYTHING (except KOSA). Cool modded cars in random garages. Check out my awesome photo album included.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CitySave Game File01/19/06534K
100%. Completely Mastered. Godfather (1,000,000) Criminal Ranking. Cool vehicles in garages. Happy Rampages!
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneSave Game File06/25/0533K
88% (100%) completion; Distinction on all challenges, all lost items found, AT LEAST 2 copies for each wizard card, all folio bruti; total of 6 bars of health, 150 beans. save1=b4 point callings; save2=b4 quidditch; save3=b4 flufy
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeSave Game File03/16/0628K
100%. All bonuses unlocked, 96/96 Statues, a bonus shields acquired. No cheats used at all. You can re-play any level you wish as well. Enjoy! :)
The GodfatherSave Game File07/03/0628K
"Andino Giacomo" : 100/100 Film Reels, 100/100 Safes and 100% in the game, and everything else, with no cheats. Over $4 Million, and Rank = Don of NYC. Best Weapons with Infinite Ammo, Level 50 and all maxed stats. Enjoy! : )
The Simpsons: Hit & RunSave Game File07/06/0647K
100% Completed (with the Golden Krusty sticker). Everything unlocked and collected; All cars are unlocked with 0% damage and Itchy & Scratchy movie available for view. No cheats used AT ALL. Enjoy Simpsons Madness! : )
Tony Hawk's Underground 2Save Game File01/19/0648K
Awesome Game Save with all gaps and no cheats used, but all cheats unlocked. 100% on everything.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Death Jr.Save Game File02/03/06292K
70 Weapon Widgets, 16 Assist Collectors, 32 Health Extenders, 94 (100%) Complete. No Cheats, saved on my favorite level! Enjoy!
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesSave Game File06/23/06168K
Ultimate Game Save: 25%. Everything that can possibly be completed before the missions begin in Portland are finished with no cheats : Exception of Vilgilante missions, which can easily be done later in a tank. V2.0 Save. ; )
Need for Speed Underground RivalsSave Game File02/03/0658K
All Bronzes, Silvers and Golds on everything. (All Quick Play Battles, All the Circuit Races including Car Spec) 24/24 Cars Unlocked, with Max Visuals And All Parts Unlocked. NFS Master Rank Achieved. Total Medals = 288
SpongeBob Squarepants: The Yellow AvengerSave Game File06/15/06206K
99% (100) Completed. Health and Power-up bars full. Max health and 4/4 Jelly Jars. All missions completed. Saved right before the final battle at the Sea Needle.
Twisted Metal: Head-OnSave Game File02/03/06480K
Everything Unlocked. Game beaten with every character on hardest difficulty. All secrets...everything. (Thus, Game Completely Mastered with 100%) No Cheats. Enjoy!!!