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Game Boy Advance

Cruis'n VelocityUnlock everything10/26/04
F-Zero ClimaxMisc. Unlockables10/25/04


College SlamHidden Teams10/27/04
College SlamMisc. Codes10/27/04
Cossacks: Back to WarCossacks: Back to War Codes08/23/04
Deadlock II: Shrine WarsMisc. Passwords10/27/04
Deadly Dozen: Pacific TheaterMisc. Codes10/27/04
Drome RacersPurple Rain01/04/05
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.Refill Shield Gauge10/26/04
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.Reload special weapon10/26/04
Independence DayMisc. Passwords10/27/04
International Super KartsMisc. Passwords10/26/04
kill.switchLevel Select10/27/04
Knights of HonorMisc. Codes10/27/04
Korea: Forgotten ConflictMisc. Codes10/27/04
Magic CarpetCheats10/26/04
Pipe DreamLevel Passwords06/09/02
Power: The GameLevel Passwords10/28/04
QuiverMisc. Codes10/26/04
Resurrection: Rise 2Play as boss characters10/28/04
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderMisc. Codes10/28/04
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter IIMisc. Codes10/28/04
Strife: Trust no oneMisc. codes10/26/04
Uprising: Join or DieIn Game codes10/26/04

PlayStation 2

Armored Core: NexusUnlockable Emblems10/25/04
Colin McRae Rally 04Misc. Unlockables08/24/04
Crash TwinsanityUnlock Secret Video10/25/04
RollingCheat Codes11/24/03


MX vs. ATV Unleashed: On the EdgeBonus passwords04/12/06


NFL Fever 2004Unlock All Teams10/27/04
Outlaw Golf & SeaBlade BundleInvincibilty and Level Select10/27/04
Silent Scope CompleteProfessional Mode10/27/04