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PlayStation 2

Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of DestinyA little too generic for its own good05/25/06
Atelier Iris: Eternal ManaMore often than not, Atelier Iris:Eternal Mana is a fun, addictive RPG07/20/05
Final Fantasy XMy favorite Final Fantasy so far: the perfect fusion of compelling gameplay and some of the most memorable characters I've ever encountered06/10/04
Final Fantasy X-2The entire game feels like a sidequest01/20/04
Final Fantasy XII Everything that makes this series special is missing in this hollow, soulless installment01/02/07
Grandia IIDespite some charming characters, the game's disappointing plot and repetitive gameplay make it difficult to recommend03/23/05
Grandia III Seems to do everything in its power to make you regret purchasing it04/10/06
Radiata Stories Radiata Stories breaks the most important rule in an RPG09/26/05
Rogue GalaxyWhile it at times re-creates that feeling of playing games during the long-lost Dreamcast era, Rogue Galaxy's sadly sunk by its terrible gameplay.05/13/09
Shadow HeartsA fun throwback to the 32-bit RPG era06/20/06
Shadow Hearts: CovenantAs it is, it's a very fun game...but I know there's a great game hidden in here somewhere07/06/06
Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldThird time's the charm07/18/06
Star Ocean: Till the End of TimeAn often interesting but very flawed RPG11/17/04
Tales of LegendiaA fun adventure with very strong characters03/01/06
Tales of the AbyssExcellent character development and great gameplay keep Abyss afloat even when the plot tries its hardest to sink it03/19/07
Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach ZarathustraThey finally got it right05/04/07
YakuzaYakuza is a neon-soaked gem. Welcome back, Sega.10/16/06
Yakuza 2 A powerful and compelling story saves this fun, but somewhat rehashed, sequel.09/23/08


Arc Rise Fantasia A fun combat system can't redeem Arc Rise Fantasia's lack of ambition and truly frustrating boss battles09/27/10
Dead Space: ExtractionWhen the game actually works like it's supposed to, it ends up being one of the cooler horror games on the system12/14/09
Disney Epic MickeyThe final product is simply not a good game. It may have been made with the best intentions, but that isn't always enough.01/11/11
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsA throwback adventure that's probably best left for people who are already fans of the Donkey Kong Country series12/14/10
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Get past the awful first half and there's a fun game waiting here, it's just way too dumb for its own good01/04/10
Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockAn extremely fun game that anyone can get a lot out of01/01/08
Guitar Hero: AerosmithA surprisingly lazy effort that even Aerosmith's most die-hard fans might want to simply rent07/08/08
Kirby's Epic YarnA game made by some very creative people12/03/10
MadWorldA fun, inventive game....but WHY does it have to end just when it starts to get good?03/27/09
Manhunt 2Manhunt 2's a mess; a clearly rushed game that's ugly in every way possible01/14/08
Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionFinally I can see what the big deal is with this franchise01/08/08
Metroid: Other MA smaller, less impressive game than the Prime series, though it still manages to entertain.10/12/10
Muramasa: The Demon BladeWhat may end up being among the final 3rd party hardcore games on Wii proves to be a beautiful sidescroller that's both fun and addictive10/12/09
No More HeroesAmazing games like this one only come around once every console generation.03/14/08
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Disappointing follow-up to one of the best games this console generation02/02/10
OkamiSo much more frustrating than it needed to be, yet Okami still delivers a memorable and expansive adventure.09/12/08
Red SteelIt's a really bad's a frigging blast.07/17/07
Red Steel 2Games like this are the reason you got a Wii in the first place, don't miss out.02/08/11
Resident Evil 4: Wii EditionSurvival horror just doesn't get any better08/19/07
Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesOne of the better rail shooters I've played and a great sendoff before this series heads into the unknown12/07/09
Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesA game here that many Resident Evil fans will really like....but unfortunately, one that only the most die-hard will be able to finish01/22/08
Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesIf you can get past some frustrating chase scenes, you'll enjoy a very terrifying adventure well worth a playthrough or two01/04/10
Sin & Punishment: Star SuccessorA relic of a gaming era past, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor brings back that classic arcade-style gameplay in a huge way07/22/10
Sonic and the Black Knight Hm. Sonic and the Black Knight. Uh..........yeah.01/04/10
Sonic and the Secret RingsIt's not Sonic Adventure 3, but it's still a very fun and fast game in an otherwise dying series03/07/07
Sonic ColorsSonic Colors manages to feel both fresh and exciting almost from the start.11/18/10
Super Mario GalaxyDestined to be remembered as one of the greatest platformers of all time12/29/07
Super Mario Galaxy 2A surprisingly good sequel that tops the (already incredible) original in almost every way06/04/10
The Last StoryThough I'm glad I was given the chance to play it for myself, my final verdict on The Last Story is far from a recommendation.10/01/12
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward SwordIt may lack the polish that I've come to expect from the Zelda series, but Skyward Sword's an unbelievably fun game definitely worth experiencing01/04/12
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess An extremely well-made game that's just not much fun to play03/01/07
Wario Land: Shake It!A fun game in spite of itself02/09/09
Xenoblade ChroniclesAn incredible adventure and a major step forward for the genre. Not a perfect game by any means, but one you definitely won't regret playing.06/12/12

Xbox 360

Alan WakeInventive and compelling horror adventure. I just wish the gameplay could keep up with the story and presentation06/14/10
Binary DomainDespite some shockingly under-developed ideas and gameplay mechanics, Binary Domain proves to be a fun ride.07/23/12
BioShockA haunting experience brought to life by incredible visuals and fun, deep gameplay08/26/08
BioShock InfiniteA great and thought-provoking FPS, though ultimately falling victim (a little bit) to its mainstream aspirations04/16/13
Condemned: Criminal OriginsA very atmospheric, intense, and scary thriller that's a bit light on substance02/29/08
Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestA fun adventure in an incredible world11/01/10
Final Fantasy XIIIAt times incredible, at times a bit of a mess. But the compelling story and a revolutionary battle system make for a fun, addictive RPG experience03/30/10
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Probably best left to fans of the original, this is a fun and ambitious sequel. It's also flawed and even a little insulting. Truly a mixed bag.02/13/12
Grand Theft Auto IVStep into another world, into another life...05/20/08
Grand Theft Auto VGTA5 fails to take the series anywhere exciting, while featuring possibly its worst story and least likable cast of characters02/26/14
L.A. NoireMay not have the level of content you'd expect from a game bearing the Rockstar brand-name, but L.A. Noire's a unique, fun, and immersive experience04/02/12
Lollipop ChainsawGrasshopper Manufacture's downward trend continues with Lollipop Chainsaw. Still has its fair share of fun, just not nearly enough to recommend it.06/25/12
Lost OdysseyFrom the creator of Final Fantasy and the developers of Shadow Hearts comes an RPG about what it means to be human06/16/08
Mass Effect 2Finally a Western RPG that I can actually like. Mass Effect 2's a great experience and one of Bioware's best06/01/11
Mass Effect 3A fun game worth playing for fans without hitting the heights of Mass Effect 2; Bioware can't help but place too much weight on frustrating shooting.03/30/12
Max Payne 3 Surpassing all my expectations, Rockstar has delivered one hell of an action game that without a doubt lives up to the Max Payne name05/23/12
Mortal KombatMortal Kombat fans and non-fans alike will love this. It's both a trip down memory lane and a great new direction for the series.05/16/11
Rayman OriginsLike a Dr. Seuss book, Rayman Origins is a wonderfully whimsical tribute to all that's wacky about life01/18/12
Red Dead RedemptionNearly perfecting the open world game, Rockstar knocks another one out of the park01/07/11
Resident Evil 5Though I pray this is not indicative of the future of the franchise, I can't deny that RE5's an extremely fun game03/23/09
Resident Evil 6Representing everything that's wrong with modern gaming, Resident Evil 6 is so content to be so mediocre.10/23/12
Shadows of the Damned (sigh) One of the funniest and best-sounding games this gen is unfortunately held back by its frustrating gameplay07/20/11
Sleeping DogsBringing the crazy back to the open world genre. Sleeping Dogs is a lot of fun in an incredible setting.09/28/12
Sonic GenerationsIt's hard not to feel that this game could have been so much more, but for what it is, Sonic Generations is a fun, well-made tribute to the blue blur.11/09/11
Sonic the HedgehogTakes almost everything the Sonic series ever did right and does the opposite11/12/07
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ISo...when are we getting Sonic the Hedgehog 4, again?11/04/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IIGoes a long way towards making up for the mess that was Episode 1. A fun title that still should have been more but definitely could have been less.05/24/12
Sonic Unleashed It's the dawn of a new era12/01/08
Star Ocean: The Last HopeI'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it; large amounts of character interaction and unbelievably fun combat carry this game to the stars06/30/09
Tales of Vesperia I'm sad to report that Tales of Vesperia's a very bland RPG with extremely irritating characters and a terrible storyline01/14/09
VanquishHow much awesomeness can you fit into one game?02/10/11