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AgonyTitle Screen Cheats02/02/05
AtomixStop Timer02/02/05

Game Boy Advance

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark DragonVillain Cards06/25/04
The Lord of the Rings: The Third AgeMisc. Unlockables02/03/05


Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2Pro Quest Unlockables08/27/04
Mario Power TennisArtist on the Court Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisBalloon Panic Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisChain-Chomp Challenge Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisCoin Collecters Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisGooper Blooper Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisMecha-Bowser Mayhem Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisTeeror Tennis Unlockables02/28/05
Mario Power TennisTic-Tac-Glow Unlockables02/28/05


Burger BlitzSecret Recipes04/26/05
Townsmen 2Type the code at the help menu of the castle.11/02/06

Neo-Geo CD

Stakes WinnerUnlockable Races08/23/04


Samurai ShodownEarthquake Code08/23/04

Nintendo 64

AirBoardin' USABonus boards02/02/05
AirBoardin' USABonus Characters02/02/05


NeopetsHidden Battledome Challengers09/16/03
NeopetsHidden Links09/29/03


Cabela's Dangerous HuntsUnlock X-Ray Scope07/22/04
Caesar IVCodes10/09/06
Highway HunterMisc. Codes07/10/04
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeCode Box codes07/12/04
Skunny: Back to the ForestMisc. Codes07/15/04
Skunny: Desert RaidMisc. Codes07/15/04
Skunny: In the Wild WestMisc. Codes07/15/04
Skunny: Lost in SpaceMisc. Codes07/15/04
Skunny: Save our PizzasMisc. Codes07/15/04
TyrianCommand Line Parameters07/20/04
TyrianMisc. Codes07/20/04
Tyrian 2000Bonus Games07/19/04
Tyrian 2000Command Line Parameters07/19/04
Tyrian 2000Misc. Codes07/19/04
Tyrian 2000Two Player Mode Super Sidekicks01/12/05
XataxAll Level Codes07/15/04

PlayStation 2

Disney MoveCartoons01/18/05
FIFA Soccer 2005Game Points01/27/05
Shining TearsEnemy Card Rewards03/31/05


Shining the Holy ArkHidden characters02/02/05

Sega CD

Rise of the DragonChen's Safe Combination02/14/05

Sega Master System

Enduro RacerSuper jump02/02/05
Krusty's Fun HouseLevel Passwords08/30/04
Psycho FoxSkip a level02/14/05