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Alien 3Finally, a game which doesn't suffer from the tradition of bad movie to game conversions02/15/01
Alien StormA redesigned single player game cannot save this game from the traditional arcade port curse - a lack of longevity02/16/01
Altered BeastA good port, failed only by the fact the arcade game had no depth or difficulty12/28/99
Atomic RunnerAnd oh how dear Chelnov did cry 'Fear me, for I am the king of mediocrity'08/22/01
Batman: The Video GameA solid game of the movie that finally did away with that horrid blue and grey spandex08/22/01
Golden AxeOne of the original jewels in Sega's crown shines brightly in this better-than-arcade-perfect port02/16/01
Golden Axe IIGood for a sequel but does not achieve the fame or brilliance of the original02/16/01
Golden Axe IIII have never seen a drop off in a series of games this significant02/16/01
NHLPA Hockey 93A solid hockey sim, thats only downfall is its sequels, which blow it out of the water06/15/01
PaperboyThink of your cat's litterbox prior to cleaning. This game is worse.06/30/01
Shadow DancerIt would seem that the 'Secret of Shinobi' was that Joe Musashi was in a really, really crap game08/04/01
Skitchin'If only it could have had a big sticker saying 'I AM NOT ROAD RASH!!!' on the box. Fantastic, but overlooked by many.06/30/01
Sonic & KnucklesGood on its own, but combine it with Sonic 3 for the best gaming this system has to offer02/24/01
Sonic the HedgehogA platform classic which has earn its place in history02/15/01
Sonic the Hedgehog 2A near perfect sequel for everyone's favourite hedgehog02/24/01
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Sonic returns again, but leaves any real degree of difficulty behind him03/12/01
Streets of RageA classic beat 'em up which would spawn two greater sequels06/07/01
Streets of Rage IIWhen will punks ever take a hint that when you beat their heads in, you don't like them, and would like them to stop what they are doing?02/16/01
Super Monaco GP VROOM!! Super Monaco GP brings it all home, and more08/04/01
The TerminatorA complete lack of difficulty makes Arnie look like a girly man08/05/01