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Exodus Guilty NeosSkip FMVs02/10/03
Langrisser MillenniumClear Pause Screen01/04/05
Pop'n MusicChange Outfit01/04/05
Pop'n MusicHidden Songs01/04/05
Pop'n MusicHyper Mode of Songs01/04/05
Pop'n MusicUnlock Other Hidden Songs and Play Modes01/04/05
Puyo Puyo~nPlay as Carbuncle02/10/03
Puyo Puyo~nPlay as Doppelganger Arle02/10/03
RoadstersFull pause screen02/09/03
Suzuki Alstare Extreme RacingFull pause screen02/10/03
Suzuki Alstare Extreme RacingUnlockables02/10/03
Undercover AD2025 KeiGet 'A' Rank02/10/03

Game Boy

Choplifter IIILevel Select11/18/03
FIFA Soccer 97Cheat Passwords11/18/03
Flappy SpecialMode A Passwords07/31/08
Milon's Secret CastlePassword with All Items07/15/00
Muhammad Ali: Heavyweight Boxing2nd Place Rank11/18/03
Oddworld AdventuresLevel Passwords08/30/01
Pac-in-TimeLevel Passwords05/31/12
Q BillionLevel Select11/18/03
Rolan's CurseLevel Select11/18/03
Rolan's CurseUnlock Codes11/18/03
Solomon's ClubLevel Select11/18/03

Game Boy Advance

Barbie Software: Groovy GamesUnlimited Health01/04/05
Caesars Palace Advance: Millenium Gold EditionMoney Cheats02/07/03
Egg ManiaUnlock Eggopolis Level02/08/03
Egg ManiaUnlock Poncho02/08/03
Egg ManiaUnlock Sir Eggolot02/08/03
Rugrats: Castle CapersPasswords09/28/01
Superman: Countdown To ApokolipsPasswords06/22/03
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius vs. Jimmy NegatronLevel Select11/18/03

Game Boy Color

Disney's The Lion King: Simba's Mighty AdventureLevel Passwords04/08/02
Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears400 Medals02/09/03
LogicalLevel Select10/03/03
NFL Blitz 2000Secret Teams10/03/03
Road Champs: BXS Stunt BikingSpecial Passwords02/09/03
Ultimate SurfingLevel Passwords09/13/03
Vegas GamesFree Money10/03/03


007: NightFireCodes01/17/03
Fire BladeUnlock Mini-Games02/07/03
Hot Wheels: Velocity XUnlocking Weapons, Cars, Worlds, Ammo and Turbos05/06/03
Jeremy McGrath Supercross WorldUnlockables06/16/02
Men in Black II: Alien EscapeCheats08/16/03
Monster Jam: Maximum DestructionUnlocks10/21/03
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersCheat Codes01/20/03
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconUnlockables02/06/03


Iron SoldierPass/Fail Missions02/12/03
Iron SoldierUnlimited Ammo02/12/03
Iron SoldierUnlock All Levels and Weapons02/12/03


Fatal Fury SpecialFight as Ryo Sakazaki02/14/03
Fatal Fury SpecialFight Ryo Sakazaki02/14/03
Real Bout Fatal Fury SpecialUnlock Shadow Characters02/14/03
Twinkle Star SpritesPlay as Bosses02/14/03

Nintendo 64

Doraemon 3: Nobita no Machi SOS!Unlock Princess Corona02/07/03
Eikou no St AndrewsChange Golfer's Size02/07/03
HexenCheat Menu Codes04/17/01
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6Bonus Stadiums02/07/03
Mahjong MasterUnlock All Characters02/07/03
NHL Breakaway 98Cheat Mode02/08/03
NHL Breakaway 98Infinite Points02/08/03
NHL Breakaway 98Unlock More Players02/08/03
Re-VoltMirrored Reversed Tracks02/15/03
Robotron 64Codes05/29/01
Snowboard Kids 2Play As Mr. Dog02/14/03
Snowboard Kids 2Play As Mr. Penguin02/14/03
Snowboard Kids 2Play As Panda02/14/03
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeGet a cow inside your tree house04/11/05
Uchhannanchan no Honoo no Challenger: Denryuu IraIra BouUnlock Demo Mode02/07/03


3D Ultra Pinball: NASCARCodes02/07/03
Donald Duck: Goin' QuackersUnlockables08/16/03
Jungle StrikeCheat Mode02/13/03
LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's RevengeMeet and talk to the game developers.01/04/05
Myth: The Fallen LordsVarious Cheats02/12/03
NBA HangtimeCodes10/07/03
NetStorm: Islands at War10,000 Storm Power02/07/03
Sabre TeamUnlimited Action Points02/10/03
SimEarth: The Living PlanetExtra Effect In Gaia Window01/10/05
Sonic's SchoolhouseUnlock reward certificate04/05/05
Sonic's SchoolhouseUnlock the schoolyard or field trip bus02/15/05
Take No PrisonersCheats02/07/03


Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix Append: Club Version Vol. 1Alternate Backgrounds12/12/03
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix Append: Club Version Vol. 1Beginner Mode12/12/03
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix Append: Club Version Vol. 1Options Screen12/12/03
Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark's Lab?Cheats01/02/04
Hot Wheels Extreme RacingCheats01/02/04
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush CourseUnlock Mall Level11/18/03
NCAA March Madness 2001Unlock Moves12/10/03
Pilot ni Narou!Unlock Bonus Jet02/09/03
SD Gundam: Over GalaxianSecret Options01/02/04
Shadow Gunner: The Robot WarsUnlock Super Gun11/18/03
Surf RidersSecret Surfboards11/23/09
The MissionCheats11/18/03
Ultimate 8 BallCheat Mode03/27/13
Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: New GenerationsMisc. Codes02/09/03
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 3rd EditionHave Regis say funny things11/17/03
Woody Woodpecker RacingUnlock All Racers and Tracks11/18/03
World Destruction League: Thunder TanksLevel Select11/17/03
World Stadium 2Unlock Bonus Stadium11/18/03

PlayStation 2

007: NightFireCheat Codes12/29/02
Britney's Dance BeatUnlock Last Video02/12/03
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On MarzUnlockables10/01/03
Drome RacersUnlock Cow02/08/03
Drome RacersUnlock Purple Rain02/08/03
Drome RacersUnlock Wire Frame Mode02/08/03
Initial D Special StageRace Against Bunta08/16/03
K-1 World Grand Prix 2001Alternate Costumes02/08/03
K-1 World Grand Prix 2001Unlockable Characters02/08/03
Kengo: Legacy of the BladeAlternate Stages/ Dojo Stage10/01/03
LMA Manager 2003Cheats10/01/03
NFL Quarterback Club 2002Unlockable Players09/19/01
Pro Rally 2002Codes08/13/03


007: NightFireCheat Codes12/03/02
Egg Mania: Eggstreme MadnessUnlockables02/08/03
Gravity Games Bike: Street. Vert. Dirt.Codes02/08/03
MX SuperflyUnlock Extra Track Editor Items08/16/03
MX SuperflyUnlock Mini-Games08/16/03
MX SuperflyUnlock Motorcycles02/08/03