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Game Boy Advance

Cruis'n VelocityLevel Codes05/25/03
Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes!Cheat Codes08/21/02
Disney's Atlantis: The Lost EmpireLast Level Password.05/25/03
Guilty Gear X Advance EditionUnlock Original Mode.05/25/03
Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderHave no trees in your park.05/25/03
NFL Blitz 20-03Bears Season Mode Level Passwords.05/25/03
Planet of the ApesLevel Passwords02/28/02
Spider-Man: The MovieUnlockables05/25/03
Spy HunterUnlockables05/25/03
Spyro: Season of IceUnlockables02/13/02
Tetris WorldsControl The Starscape Shown On Title Screen02/13/02


Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2Cheat Codes06/07/03
Sonic Mega CollectionLevel Select Codes04/04/03
XGIII: Extreme G RacingBoost Start!04/29/02

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Angry BirdsGolden Eggs - Hidden Levels06/11/10


Grand Theft Auto IVCell Phone Passwords12/04/08
LEGO Racers 2In-game Codes02/07/02
LEGO Racers 2Main Menu Codes02/07/02

PlayStation 3

Grand Theft Auto IVCell Phone Passwords05/01/08

Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto IVCell Phone Passwords05/05/08