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Jupiter ProbeInvincibility08/26/08
Lethal WeaponCheats08/25/08
Lethal XcessCheat Mode08/25/08
Lethal XcessCheats08/25/08
Magic BoyLevel Select08/20/08
Major MotionCheats08/20/08
Manchester UnitedLose a Game08/20/08
Mean ArenasPasswords08/20/08
Mega Lo ManiaLevel Passwords08/20/08
Metal MastersFreeze Opponent08/20/08
Midnight ResistanceCheats08/20/08
Monty Python's Flying CircusHidden Options08/20/08
Napalm: The Crimson CrisisRemove the Fog of War08/21/08
Navy SealsUnlimited Credits08/21/08
New York WarriorsCheat Mode08/21/08
Ninja SpiritDisable Collision Detection08/21/08
NitroGet 5000 Fuel Points and 50 Credits08/21/08
Nova 9Cheats08/21/08
Pac-LandUnlimited Lives08/21/08
Persian Gulf InfernoGod Mode08/21/08
Photon StormInvincibility08/21/08
Pinball IllusionsCheat Mode08/21/08
The ImmortalPasswords08/26/08
The Ninja WarriorsCheats08/21/08
Venus: The FlytrapCheats08/25/08
VigilanteCheat Mode08/25/08
WizballCheat Mode08/25/08


Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixUnlockable Trophies06/20/08
Tony Hawk's Proving GroundCheat List06/24/08


Airport TycoonMoney Code06/30/08
Alien RampageCheats06/30/08
Alien WorldsLevel Passwords06/30/08
AmberstarKey Combinations.06/30/08
Asterix & Obelix XXLUnlockable Costumes07/01/08
Banzai BugSecret Bug Room07/01/08
Battleground 3: WaterlooLevel Passwords07/02/08
Beetle Buggin'Cheats07/02/08
Beetle Buggin'Competition is out of control07/02/08
Beverly Hills CopLevel Select07/02/08
Beyond the Law: The Third WaveCheats07/02/08
Bill Nye The Science Guy: Stop the RockEnter Sky Labs07/02/08
BombuzalLevel Passwords07/08/08
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007Unlockable Cheats07/08/08
BrixLevel Passwords07/08/08
Bubble BobbleCheat menu and codes07/09/08
Chaos LegionUnlockables07/09/08
Dangerous Dave's Risky RescueCheats07/09/08
Dragon's Lair 3Computer plays for you07/10/08
Earthworm Jim 3DCheats07/14/08
ElementsLevel Passwords07/14/08
EpicMission Passwords07/14/08
Extreme AssaultCheats07/14/08
Extreme Paint BrawlUnlimited Money, Best Team, and All Markers07/14/08
Formula KartsStart with a different location, and cash.07/16/08
Ghosts 'n GoblinsDisable Sprite Collision07/16/08
Gold Miner JoeCheats07/16/08
Gold Miner JoeUnlock Different Shafts07/16/08
Grand TouringCheats07/16/08
Great Qin WarriorsCheat Mode07/16/08
HarbingerExtra 5 Lives07/16/08
Hardball 5Instant Home Run07/16/08
HardlineCheat Mode07/16/08
Hardwood Solitaire IIDifferent Plays07/16/08
HeartlightLevel Select07/16/08
Hearts of Iron: PlatinumCheats07/16/08
Imperium Galactica II - AlliancesCheat Mode07/17/08
Incoming ForcesCheat Mode07/17/08
Incubation: Time Is Running OutCheat Mode07/17/08
InfestationCheat Mode07/17/08
Island Xtreme StuntsCheat Mode08/04/08
Island Xtreme StuntsDisplay Cheat Mode08/04/08
Island Xtreme StuntsGet All Mini-Games08/04/08
Island Xtreme StuntsSkip the Current Level08/04/08
JetFighter IIIKill airborne Targets07/18/08
Jurassic ParkLevel Passwords07/18/08
King of Dragon PassHave Clan Advisors based on the development team.07/18/08
Legend of AladdinCheats08/04/08
Lightweight NinjaCheats08/04/08
Mall Tycoon 2Cheats08/05/08
MechWarrior 3View Any Video08/05/08
MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon Expansion PackBonus Mission08/05/08
Mega RaceHidden Lance Boyle Video08/05/08
Metal Knight - Mission: Terminate ResistanceCheats08/05/08
Microsoft Baseball 2001Baseball Cards of Programmers08/05/08
Microsoft Baseball 2001Unlimited Outs08/05/08
Microsoft Flight Simulator 98Slew Mode08/05/08
Midnight Outlaw: Illegal Street Drag Nitro EditionStart with $100,00008/05/08
Might and Magic IV: Clouds of XeenCheats08/05/08
MissionForce: CyberStormCheats08/05/08
Mob EnforcerCheats08/05/08
Mobil 1 Rally ChampionshipCheats08/05/08
Monster Jam: Maximum DestructionCheats08/05/08
Monuments of MarsEnable Level Skipping08/05/08
Moto Racer 2Cheats08/05/08
MTX MototraxCheats08/05/08
NBA Live 07Codes08/06/08
New HorizonsDisable Pirate Attacks08/06/08
Nickelodeon Party BlastUnlock All Secret Characters08/06/08
Nickelodeon Party BlastUnlock the Clam Games (Levels)08/06/08
OdiumCheat Mode08/07/08
Panza Kick BoxingInvincibility08/07/08
Paws & Claws Pet VetCheats08/07/08
Prehistorik 2Level Passwords08/07/08
Premier Manager 2002/2003 SeasonCheats08/07/08
Premier Manager 3Cheats08/07/08
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the WarlordsUnlock three new areas when the game ends06/20/08
ROSE OnlineCheats08/07/08
Rugby 2001Tackles Always Cause Injuries08/07/08
Shangri La DeluxeCheats08/07/08
Shrek 2Cheats08/07/08
Snowy the Bear's AdventureCheats08/07/08
Space Empires IV DeluxeCheats08/07/08
Space HarrierContinue where you last lost the game08/07/08
Star Control 3Cheats08/07/08
Star GooseUnlimited Lives08/07/08
Starship TroopersCheats08/07/08
Strike CommanderCheat Mode08/07/08
StuntsExtra Features in Track Editor08/07/08
Super BubsyCheats08/07/08
Super BubsyLevel Select08/07/08
Super Slam BallLevel Select08/07/08
The Bard's TaleCodes10/06/05
The Chaos EnginePasswords07/09/08
The GodfatherInvisibilty07/16/08
The ImmortalLevel Passwords07/17/08
The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose TattooUnlock All Levels08/04/08
The Settlers IIIIncrease Game Time08/07/08
Thrust Twist and TurnCheats08/07/08
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssCheats08/12/08
Ultimate Body BlowsCheats08/12/08
Virtua Fighter PCAdd Dural on the Records Screen08/12/08
Virtua Fighter PCEdit Ring Size and Stage Select08/12/08
Virtua Fighter PCPlay as Dural08/12/08
Virtua TennisUnlock Secret Characters08/12/08
Vivisector: Beast WithinCheats08/12/08
Wacky RacesPasswords08/12/08
Wet AttackCheats08/12/08
Wild Metal CountryCheats08/12/08
Will RockCheats08/12/08
WizballCheat Mode08/12/08
WWF WrestlemaniaInstantly Win Match08/12/08
WWI: The Great WarCheats07/14/08
Xpand RallyCheats08/12/08
Zool 2Cheat Mode08/12/08
Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" DimensionCheat Mode 208/12/08

PlayStation 3

Frontlines: Fuel of WarTwo Secret Unlockable Levels06/18/08
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenUnlock Kane and Lynch in Fragile Alliance06/25/08
Kung Fu PandaCheats06/13/08
The BigsStart a rookie with higher stats06/18/08
TimeShiftPlay as Dr. Aiden Krone in Multiplayer06/17/08
TurokInhuman Mode06/17/08
World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the BraceletsPlay as Phillip J. Hellmuth06/17/08


Driver '76Sumo Racer06/26/08
Miami Vice: The GameUnlock Cheat Mode06/26/08


Kung Fu PandaCheat List06/18/08
NBA Live 08Extra Sneakers06/18/08
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams CollectionExtra Features06/20/08
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndUnlockable Swords06/20/08
Tomb Raider: AnniversaryArt Galleries06/13/08
Tomb Raider: AnniversaryUnlockable Cheats06/13/08