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Game Saves

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

AirForce Delta StrikeSave Game File11/03/0526K
All regular planes unlocked, max money on all characters, lots of secret planes unlocked, 5th playthru.
Destroy All Humans!Save Game File06/28/0534K
All Missions Complete
Fatal Frame III: The TormentedSave Game File01/22/0641K
Everything except for festival lens unlocked
Indigo ProphecySave Game File11/03/0543K
Game complete, all bonus material unlocked, choose any chapter.
kill.switchSave Game File07/12/0517K
Final Save Point
KillzoneSave Game File07/12/0529K
All Levels Unlocked
Red Ninja: End of HonorSave Game File07/08/0516K
Last Save Point
Resident Evil 4Save Game File10/30/0526K
Clear game on normal, max money, Chicago typewriter unlocked.
Resident Evil Outbreak File #2Save Game File03/30/06185K
Have all costumes, movies, artwork, sounds, and extras unlocked
Robotech: InvasionSave Game File09/04/0527K
Inside final hive. Before ending branch paths.
The GodfatherSave Game File03/30/0618K
You are Don of New York, Own all safehouses, have all weapon upgrades
The Simpsons: Hit & RunSave Game File07/12/0547K
All Missions Complete, All Bonus Cards Obatined