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Arcade Games

64th Street: A Detective StoryJaleco’s humble precursor to the Rushing Beat brawler trilogy.07/22/10
Altered BeastFaltered Beast.02/26/10
Arabian MagicAn underappreciated Arabian-themed brawler that mixes elements from Golden Axe and The King of Dragons with much success.02/22/10
AvengersCapcom's worst beat 'em up.08/06/07
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon NinjaThe quintessential 80s brawler.03/08/10
Captain CommandoAnother alumni from the golden age of beat 'em ups, Captain Commando adds guns, mechs and gore to the solid brawler game-play expected from Capcom.02/08/10
Crime FightersHow can a game with so much personality and effective aesthetics fall victim to such sloppy control and quarter-munching habits?07/23/10
Final FightFinal Fight. The raw, manly, hard-hitting beat 'em up that brought about several advances to the genre and inspired dozens of imitations.07/26/07
Golden AxeMore expensive than the 360 port while offering less features - but still a solid retro hack n' slash investment.06/21/10
GrowlGrowl dissuades animal-cruelty in the same manner as NARC discouraged drug-use - full-tilt over-the-top violence.02/08/10
Iron HorseTrue Grit.01/03/11
KickerDespite being one of the earliest beat 'em ups - an original concept of combat mechanics and addictive game-play have kept it feeling fresh.03/29/10
Knights of the RoundNot as deep or diverse as The King of Dragons, but a great hack 'n slash none the less.08/06/07
Kuri KintonIf you can look beyond the fact it siphoned character designs from popular anime/manga, you'll notice it offers an enjoyable experience.02/08/10
Mad MotorThe title screen gives you the middle finger and the final boss car-surfs a gold-plated station wagon. That's gotta be grounds for a cult-classic.07/30/10
Magic SwordThe tower stands before you-a trial of bloodshed & endurance awaits. Will you strive for mankind's hope for peace or take the power for yourself?03/15/10
Mr. GoemonBoil me with my gold.06/07/10
Ninja GaidenGood times - whether you're throwing Jason Voorhees through a vending machine, dodging traffic on the freeway, or staring down a spinning buzzsaw.02/22/10
Pit-FighterA grungy and gritty monument to sweat, blood, and spandex.01/26/10
RoboCopI'd buy that for a dollar!07/19/10
SplatterhouseJesus wept.12/14/10
The King of DragonsAnother Capcom beat 'em up classic. The King of Dragons features five diverse playable characters and a nicely implemented RPG aspect.07/27/07
The Ninja KidsBooze swigging Satanic street hooligans hacked to bits and a werewolf subdued in McDonald's - all by the end of the 1st stage.08/09/07
Thunder FoxThe impressive varied styles of action are somewhat marred by some lackluster bosses, out-of-place music, and a kind of superficial presentation.08/13/07
TrojanA brooding beat 'em up/platformer hybrid that starts out strong but gradually dissolves into a gauntlet of frustration.03/02/10
Two CrudeNew York City has been overrun by mutants! Are you a crude enough dude to liberate The Big Apple?03/08/10
Undercover CopsCheap enemies and a less brilliant second half holds back Undercover Cops from earning a place within the ranks of the greatest 2D brawlers.07/19/10
X-MenX-Men... Welcome to Die!08/02/10


Alien StormEating human beings and wrecking havoc on Earth was to be expected, but I could have never foreseen the raw horror of aliens assimilating trashcans.08/15/07
Altered BeastIf you haven't already purchased this game.. there isn't really much reason to do so now.07/01/10
DJ BoyA single life and absence of a continue system bogs down an otherwise decent beat 'em up.08/13/07
Double DragonThis somewhat faithful port of the original Double Dragon arcade game would have been more acceptable if released a few years earlier.08/13/07
Double Dragon 3: The Arcade GameDespite good graphics and having new characters to recruit - Double Dragon III lacks the quality beat 'em up mechanics that made the series famous.08/19/07
Golden AxeAn excellent home conversion of the legendary arcade game that adds onto the original experience to make up for hardware limitations.07/24/07
Golden Axe IIGolden Axe II feels almost like a remake instead of a sequel, but some improvement have been made.07/24/07
Golden Axe IIIGolden Axe III adds significant improvements to the series, but has its own share of flaws to deal with.07/25/07
GrowlAfter I unloaded a rocket launcher into a crowd of poachers, a vengeful elephant appeared and trampled the survivors into mushed meat chunks.08/16/07
Ka-Ge-Ki: Fists of SteelA sub-par beat 'em up/versus fighter hybrid that manages to amuse me.08/13/07
Last BattleProof that neither nostalgia nor violence can substitute for a decent game-play experience.08/28/07
Mazin Saga Mutant FighterA decent Manga/Anime-based hack 'n slash with a couple of issues.08/26/07
Mystical FighterA decent Kabuki-themed beat 'em up that was overlooked largely due to its premise.08/15/07
Splatterhouse 2Your girlfriend has been dragged into the bowels of hell. Are you a bad enough dude to chainsaw an aborted fetus?12/14/10
Splatterhouse 3...and Hell followed with him.12/14/10
Street SmartA simplistic versus fighter that gets some credit for splicing beat 'em up and RPG aspects into its formula.08/19/07
Streets of RageThe first of Sega's urban beat 'em up trilogy - Streets of Rage is superior to Final Fight (SNES/SFC) in almost every regard.08/14/07
Streets of Rage IIThe euphoria of ramming your fist into the face of a mohawked punk on streets bathed in neon light as early 90s electronic music pulses around you.07/06/10
Toxic CrusadersTroma should stick to movies..08/19/07
Two Crude DudesCould you beat your best friend to death in a fight over irradiated cans of soda?08/14/07

PlayStation 2

Capcom Classics CollectionA slight taste of sloppy emulation in an otherwise scrumptious buffet of classic Capcom gaming goodness.01/07/10
Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2A cornucopia of beat 'em ups and other classic treats - but really Capcom, where's Volume 3?01/08/10
Midway Arcade Treasures 2The best installment of the Midway Arcade Treasures trilogy.02/08/10
Oretachi Game Center Zoku: Nekketsu Kouka Kunio-KunTechnos introduces its beat 'em up talent by injecting the genre with its trademark rough and wild combat.04/21/10
Oretachi Game Center Zoku: Trio the PunchA statue of a nude fat man carried by pygmies, sudden head-enlargement, and a battle against Colonel Sanders - what the hell am I playing!?04/23/10
PlayStation 2Sony's second juggernaut.08/16/10
Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 5: Golden AxeMore like.. Aluminum Hatchet.03/12/10
Taito LegendsAn impressive array of old-school titles - from the arcade classics to the cult-status obscure gems.06/14/10
Taito Legends 2One of the best retro-compilations I have ever played.. and a treat for beat 'em up fans seeking lesser-known brawler titles.06/16/10
The BouncerA solid brawler that could have been a classic had some of the elements been fleshed out a little better.09/11/08
The WarriorsForget Grand Theft Auto. The Warriors stands as Rockstar's tour de force title and my favorite movie-to-game transition.04/19/10
Urban ReignWhile Namco's vs. fighters have gone soft as of recent, here's evidence enough that they can churn out a brawler that hardens men and loosens teeth.07/06/10

Super Nintendo

Alien vs. PredatorAn iconic beat 'em up premise heavily weighed down by tedious combat.07/06/07
Batman ReturnsSolid beat 'em up action slightly held down by often awkward controls and unnecessary driving and platforming sections.07/18/07
Battle Zeque-DenBattle Zeque-Den is above average in most areas, with RPG aspects added to the typical combat. It doesn't hold my attention very well, though.08/07/07
Battletoads in BattlemaniacsThere is no reason to go on after completing the first level.08/08/07
Bebe's KidsThe worst beat 'em up on the SNES/SFC, if not the most terrible side-scrolling brawler ever created.08/07/07
Bishin Densetsu Zoku: The Legend of Bishin ZokuAn interesting beat 'em up/racer hybrid that seems to have caught the eye of very few gamers.08/10/07
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon RFor a beat 'em up based on an anime for girls, there's some pretty hardcore action going on.08/01/07
Brawl BrothersThe solid second entry in the SNES/SFC's OTHER beat 'em up trilogy.07/02/07
Captain America and the AvengersAnother super-hero beat 'em up that never rises above averageness.08/06/07
Captain CommandoCensored by Nintendo policy and edited for hardware limitations - but still a decent beat 'em up.07/23/07
CliffhangerLackluster beat 'em up game-play interjected with annoying climbing and obstacle course segments.07/11/07
Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of JusticeA medicore beat 'em up with a few really cool enemies and levels hidden within.07/09/07
Cutthroat IslandA sub-par beat 'em up with dated graphics and lousy cart riding levels.07/11/07
Final FightNot the Final Fight you fell in love with at the arcades.07/24/07
Final FightLet this be your last resort for a Final Fight fix.01/25/10
Final Fight 2Same Final Fight action everyone loves, improved graphics for the most part, but not as much soul as the original.07/09/07
Final Fight 3The last Final Fight for the SFC/SNES comes with an overhauled engine and great concepts. It also exhibits more lag and graphical glitches than ever.07/12/07
Final Fight GuyA nearly identical game to the original Final Fight SNES port. The majority of the original release's problems remain present here.07/26/07
Ghost Chaser DenseiA rather unknown beat 'em up defined by its dissimilar playable characters.07/05/07
Gourmet Sentai Bara YarouBehold! Vibrating abominations, rampant homo-erotic imagery, and the appeal of whipping-up body parts from defeated enemies into wonderful meals!08/06/07
Iron Commando: Kotetsu no SenshiThe beat 'em up action is hard and intense, so why did they tack on these riding and shooting levels?07/09/07
Kamen RiderA decent beat 'em up, even if you aren't familiar with the subject matter.07/13/07
King of DragonsThe best Capcom beat 'em up for the SNES/SFC.07/19/07
Knights of the RoundArthur pulls the sword out of the stone... and jams it into a laughing knight's chest!07/18/07
Koryuu no MimiAn obscure, somewhat difficult beat 'em up that suffers from a dated look and feel.07/09/07
Last Action HeroThe 2nd worst SNES/SFC beat 'em up and possibly the most wretched Schwarzenegger game period.07/09/07
LegendA solid side-scrolling hack 'n slash that reminds me very much of Golden Axe.07/25/07
Mighty Morphin Power RangersThe combat is fun and the five playable characters are diverse, but the platforming elements really muck up the game-play.07/23/07
Ninja WarriorsA contender for the greatest SNES/SFC beat 'em up title, even if only one person can play at a time.08/02/07
Rival Turf!Not as good as the later installments, but one of the better early SNES/SFC beat 'em ups.07/09/07
Sengoku DenshouThough lacking the flair of some of its comparison titles, this beat 'em up still implements a few interesting game-play mechanics.07/09/07
Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no BankaThe last Technos beat 'em up is also my least favorite of the SNES/SFC bunch.08/02/07
Sonic Blast ManHow would you like to be the mugger who got punched out by a super-hero whose outfit looks like it was made in Radioshack?08/01/07
Sonic Blast Man IIMuch improvement is seen in this sequel to a humble beat 'em up, making it genuine competition to the other SNES/SFC side-scrolling brawlers.07/12/07
Stone ProtectorsFor the beat 'em up enthusiast tired of playing with his sister's Troll dolls.07/10/07
Super Double DragonA rushed product and better genre competition sap a bit of the strength of this Double Dragon installment.07/05/07
Super NintendoNintendo's self-destructive censorship policy is one of the few flaws holding back their 16-bit console from reigning in God-Emperor status.07/26/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeTurtles in Time remains nearly as engrossing as it was back when you first played it as a kid.07/17/07
The CombatribesA raw and unique beat 'em up that has a few shortcomings.07/02/07
The Death and Return of SupermanThis average Superman beat 'em up could have used better designed stages and more variety of enemies.08/10/07
The Great Battle II: Last Fighter TwinAn OK beat 'em up, even if you aren't a fan of Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Gundam, etc.08/01/07
The Peace KeepersThe Rushing Beat trilogy comes to an end - and they saved the best for last.07/11/07
The TickThe name is fitting because any enjoyment you get with this game is soon to be sucked away.07/24/07
UFO Kamen Yakisoban: Kettler no Kuroi InboNot too bad for a beat 'em up that is basically an advertisement for a ramen noodle company.07/09/07
Undercover CopsAn amazing beat 'em up marred by its often cheap enemies and overly difficult bosses.07/06/07
Venom - Spider-Man: Separation AnxietyNot a bad beat 'em up, but you'll need a second player if you want to get anywhere in this game.08/02/07
Wild C.A.T.S.Somewhat different from the run-of-the-mill beat 'em up, but not all of the changes are improvements.08/07/07

Xbox 360

Afro SamuraiAll the F-bombs and stylish blood geysers in the world can't save this brawler from its inept core design.04/10/09
Altered BeastBest played with a serious set of nostalgia goggles.06/15/09
Angry BarryBarack Obama has been angered by tainted food! Are you a mad enough dude to become the president?03/01/10
BayonettaIf you can stomach the grotesquely over-sexualized heroine & nauseatingly ludicrous plot, here's one of the wildest nu-brawler experiences around.01/11/10
Castle CrashersThe best game I have ever played! (..that has poop jokes)08/29/08
Comix ZoneThe draw at first is quite magnetic.. but as time goes by you'll feel yourself dropping out of "the Zone".08/18/09
Condemned 2: BloodshotMr. Self-Destruct!03/19/08
Condemned: Criminal OriginsI haven't savagely killed so many homeless people since playing 1988's NARC.08/28/07
Criminals Under ArrestYou could find worse ways spending a dollar at the Indie Arcade, even if the experience is pretty bare-boned.02/08/10
Dead IslandThe best zombie game of this generation.09/19/11
Dead RisingDynasty Warriors 2 + Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas + Resident Evil Outbreak = Dead Rising09/14/07
Dead Rising 2Welcome to Fortune City - where the floors are overflowing with slot-machine tokens and putrified zombie intestines.10/05/10
Dead Rising 2: Case WestThe Dead Factory.01/03/11
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero The tender bond between father and child. The choking grip of relentless rotting flesh.09/01/10
Dead to Rights: RetributionEntertaining action that compliments on-the-fly brawling & shooting, but a number of flaws tarnish this embodiment of dual genres.05/17/10
Double DragonRequiem for a brawler.01/25/10
Dr. Mazing in Infinite Energy CrisisWhat has science done!?06/08/10
Dynasty Warriors 5 EmpiresA better looking version of the tried-but-true Strategy / Beat 'Em Up formula that is DW: Empires.09/12/07
Dynasty Warriors: GundamWorth checking out if you need a break from Asian men with exaggerated strength beating one another into a pulp.01/12/09
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2In space, no one can hear you scream... but everyone can hear your whiny adolescent Gundam pilot yammer on about their dramatic reasons for fighting.06/02/09
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceStrikeforce shines with several truely "next-gen" features, but some of the reworked core mechanics feel like a step backwards.03/29/10
Final Fight: Double ImpactHands down the best retro-brawler experience available on the XBLA.04/14/10
Fist of the North Star: Ken's RageWhile typing this review, the striking of my fingers on the keyboard caused my computer to pulsate, swell up, and explode.12/06/10
Game RoomSome of the initial hype has lost its steam, but I'm confident that in the next 2 / 3 months the mouth-watering appeal of the Game Room will emerge.03/25/10
Golden AxeWorth the 18 years it took for someone to bring this to a console in its entirety.08/20/08
Jumper: Griffin's StoryYou'll only be playing this for the achievement points.07/28/08
Ninja BladeAn average Shinobi/Ninja Gaiden clone that would have been more engrossing with more beat 'em up action and less emphasis on QTE.06/01/09
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai SquadZombies, chicks in skimpy outfits, and over-the-top-violence - Game Of The Year, right? Wrong.03/02/09
Samurai Warriors 2 EmpiresA superior Beat 'Em Up / Strategy game to Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires in almost every regard.09/18/07
SawOh yes.. there will be controllers thrown.05/26/10
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The GameHipster City Ransom.08/27/10
ShankWith a name like "Shank" you'd think there be some prison shower hijinks.11/22/10
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionMinor flaws and a few questionable game choices aside.. no serious beat 'em up enthusiast would have this absent in his collection.01/05/10
SplatterhouseBittersweet Reunion.01/03/11
Streets of FuryGuardians of the 'Hood II: Attack of the Clones03/12/10
Streets of Rage 2Back into the fray.. return to the streets.08/18/08
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 1989 Classic ArcadeI can finally throw Battle Nexus into the trash..08/25/08
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-ShelledThe classic Turtles brawler gets a face-lift... and by face-lift I mean Micheal Jackson-esque plastic surgery.10/20/09
Tekken 6Face-value review of the beat 'em up Scenario Mode.11/02/09
The Dishwasher: Dead SamuraiDevil May Cry meets DeviantArt.05/24/10
The Lord of the Rings: ConquestAn interesting approach to the bloated fantasy hack-n-slash genre, but several fundamental game-play aspects need serious polish.01/28/09
The Warriors: Street BrawlCan you dig it?11/30/09
Tokyo 2029 A.D.A time capsule of the early 90s exploitation fighters scene - capturing the appeal of the gristle, tastelessness & blood-fueled will to survive.05/13/10
Unbound Saga(Insert liver-related pun here)12/07/10
X-Men Origins: WolverineAnother textbook example of how to make a good brawler and then turn around and cripple it with needless trappings. When will developers learn?05/26/09
X-Men: The Arcade GameEighteen years later, a new generation of gamers can now experience the joy.. of making someone else play as Dazzler.12/15/10
Zeno Clash: Ultimate EditionTribal Trippin'.09/07/10