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Developed and Published Games

PC S.C.OUT 01/01/92 North America
PC Cogito (1992) 1992 North America
Macintosh Cogito (1992) 1992 Europe
Macintosh S.C.OUT 1992 Europe
Amiga Fury of the Furries 1993 North America
PC Fury of the Furries 1993 Europe
PC Pac-in-Time 1994 North America
PlayStation Nightmare Creatures 09/30/97 North America
PC Dark Earth 09/30/97 North America
PC Nightmare Creatures 11/30/97 North America
PC Ultim@te Race Pro 02/28/98 North America
PlayStation The Fifth Element 09/23/98 North America
PC The Fifth Element October 1998 North America
Nintendo 64 Nightmare Creatures November 1998 North America
Dreamcast 4-Wheel Thunder 05/04/00 North America
PlayStation Nightmare Creatures II 05/23/00 North America
Dreamcast Nightmare Creatures II 06/08/00 North America
PlayStation Lucky Luke: Western Fever 11/02/01 Europe
PC NYR: New York Race 11/16/01 North America
Game Boy Color NYR: New York Race 11/16/01 Europe
PlayStation 2 NYR: New York Race 11/23/01 Europe
PC NYR: New York Race 2001 North America
PlayStation 2 Mahou no Pumpkin 11/29/02 Japan
GameGear Pac-In-Time Canceled North America
Dreamcast V.I.P. Canceled North America