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Developed and Published Games

Jaguar Flip Out! 1995 North America
PC Detective Barbie in the Mystery of the Carnival Caper 1998 North America
PC Spy Kids 2: Mega Mission Zone August 2002 North America
PC The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da Rules 11/03/03 North America
Game Boy Advance Strawberry Shortcake: Summertime Adventure 11/16/04 North America
Game Boy Advance The Proud Family 11/13/05 North America
Game Boy Advance Strawberry Shortcake: Ice Cream Island Riding Camp 02/03/06 Europe
Game Boy Advance The Cheetah Girls 09/12/06 North America
DS Disney's The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure 10/02/06 North America
Game Boy Advance Disney's The Little Mermaid: Magic in Two Kingdoms 10/06/06 North America
DS Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland Games 10/23/06 North America
Game Boy Advance The Barbie Diaries: High School Mystery 10/30/06 North America
DS Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park 09/18/07 North America
DS Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society 07/23/08 North America
DS Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase 09/22/08 North America
Wii Cake Mania: In the Mix! 11/24/08 North America
DS The Clique: Diss and Make Up 08/25/09 North America
PC Trog Canceled North America