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Developed and Published Games

PC Frank Herbert's Dune (Jewel Case) 12/14/01 North America
PlayStation 2 Frank Herbert's Dune 2001 Europe
PlayStation 2 Fame Academy 11/21/03 Europe
PlayStation 2 Airborne Troops 01/07/05 North America
PlayStation 2 Dead to Rights II 04/12/05 North America
PC Airborne Troops: Countdown to D-Day 01/26/06 Europe
PlayStation 2 Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer 08/15/06 North America
Xbox Black Buccaneer 10/13/06 Europe
PC Black Buccaneer 10/17/06 Europe
Xbox 360 Highlander Canceled North America
PC Highlander Canceled North America
PlayStation 3 Highlander Canceled North America
PlayStation 2 White Fear Canceled Europe
PlayStation 2 Inuits Canceled North America
PC White Fear Canceled Europe
PC Inuits Canceled North America