Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Amstrad CPC Every Second Counts 1988 Europe
PC Noddy: The Magic of Toytown 09/22/96 Europe
PC Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors 12/05/97 Europe
PC Pingu's Fun Packed World 02/05/99 Europe
PC Pingu and Friends 11/30/99 Europe
PlayStation Play with the Teletubbies 08/08/00 North America
Game Boy Color Bob the Builder: Fix it Fun! 11/10/00 Europe
PlayStation Noddy's Magic Adventure 12/01/00 Europe
Game Boy Color Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem 12/07/00 Europe
Game Boy Color Noddy and the Birthday Party 12/31/00 Europe
PlayStation Tweenies: Game Time 03/30/01 Europe
Game Boy Color Tweenies: Doodles' Bones 10/19/01 Europe
PC Operation Salvage: Walking With Beasts 11/23/01 Europe
PC Robot Wars: Arena of Destruction 11/23/01 Europe
Game Boy Advance Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction 11/30/01 Europe
Game Boy Advance Ace Lightning 10/25/02 Europe
Game Boy Advance Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction 10/25/02 Europe
PlayStation 2 Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction 11/01/02 Europe
Xbox Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction 11/22/02 Europe
PC Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction 11/22/02 Europe
PC Ace Lightning 11/29/02 Europe
PlayStation 2 Ace Lightning 03/14/03 Europe
PlayStation Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? / Tweenies: Game Time 2003 Europe
PlayStation 2 FightBox 02/06/04 Europe
PC FightBox 02/06/04 Europe
Game Boy Advance FightBox 02/06/04 Europe
DVD Player Red Dwarf: Beat the Geek 10/23/06 Europe
DVD Player Richard Hammond's Top Gear Stunt Challenge 11/17/08 Europe
Wii BBC iPlayer 11/18/09 Europe
Xbox Spooks Canceled Europe
PlayStation 2 Spooks Canceled Europe
PC Spooks Canceled Europe