Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Amiga Discovery (1986) 1986 Europe
Amiga Faery Tale Adventure 1986 North America
Amiga Blackjack Academy 1987 North America
Amiga Galactic Invasion 1987 Europe
Commodore 64 BlackJack Academy 1987 North America
PC BlackJack Academy 1987 North America
Amiga Fire Power 01/01/88 North America
Amiga Discovery: Spell Version 1988 Europe
Apple II BlackJack Academy 1988 North America
Amiga Tracers 1988 Europe
Amiga Discovery: Trivia 1 1988 Europe
Amiga Discovery: Math 1988 Europe
Amiga Discovery: Science 1988 Europe
Amiga EbonStar 1988 Europe
Amiga Craps Academy 1988 Europe
Commodore 64 The Faery Tale Adventure 1988 North America
PC Romantic Encounters at The Dome 1988 North America
Amiga Romantic Encounters at the Dome 1988 North America
PC Faery Tale Adventure December 1989 North America
PC Questmaster: The Prism of Heheutotol 1989 North America
Amiga Turbo 1989 Europe
Amiga Jetsons: George Jetson And The Legend of Robotopia 1989 Europe
Commodore 64 Firepower 1989 North America
PC Faery Tale Adventure II: Halls of the Dead 1989 North America