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Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PSP Lumines: Oto to Hikari no Denshoku Puzzle 12/12/04 North America
DS Meteos 03/10/05 North America
Mobile Meteos: Astro Blocks 03/30/06 North America
Xbox 360 Ninety-Nine Nights 04/20/06 North America
PC Angel Love Online June 2006 Japan
PSP Every Extend Extra 08/03/06 North America
Xbox 360 Lumines Live! 10/18/06 North America
DS Gunpey DS 10/19/06 North America
PSP Lumines II 11/06/06 North America
PSP Gunpey 11/17/06 North America
PC Meteos Online Q4 2006 Japan
PSP Lumines II 02/15/07 Japan
PlayStation 2 Lumines Plus 02/16/07 North America
DS Meteos: Disney Magic 02/20/07 North America
Xbox 360 Every Extend Extra Extreme 10/17/07 North America
PC Lumines 11/29/07 North America
Xbox 360 Rez HD 01/30/08 North America
PC Druaga no Tou: The Recovery of Babylim 04/01/08 Japan
PC Lumines 04/18/08 North America
PC Lumines Advance Pack 04/18/08 North America
Xbox 360 Meteos Wars 12/10/08 North America
PlayStation 3 Lumines Supernova 12/18/08 North America
DS Peggle: Dual Shot 02/27/09 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Lumines: Touch Fusion 08/27/09 North America
Xbox 360 Qubed 09/15/09 North America
PlayStation 3 Angel Senki 09/16/09 Japan
Xbox 360 Child of Eden 06/14/11 North America
PlayStation 3 Child of Eden 09/27/11 North America
PlayStation Vita Lumines: Electronic Symphony 02/15/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Band Heroes! 05/31/12 North America
PlayStation Vita Guardian Hearts Online 08/09/12 Japan
PlayStation Vita Destiny of Spirits 03/20/14 North America
Xbox 360 Rock Band Canceled Japan
PlayStation 3 Rock Band Canceled Japan
PlayStation 2 Rock Band Canceled Japan
Wii Rock Band Canceled Japan
PlayStation Vita Heroes of Infinity TBA Japan