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Developed and Published Games

Odyssey^2 Ten Pin Bowling / Basketball 1978 Europe
Odyssey^2 Bilhar! 1978 Europe
Odyssey^2 Air-Sea War / Battle 1978 Europe
Odyssey^2 Formula 1!/Interlagos!/Crypto-Logic! 1978 Europe
Odyssey^2 Videopac G7000 1978 Europe
Odyssey^2 Las Vegas Gambling 1978 Europe
Odyssey^2 Acerte Seu Número! 1979 Europe
Odyssey^2 Samurai 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 Gunfighter 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 Space Monster 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 Chinese Logic 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 Pairs / Space Rendezvous / Logic 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 Flipper Game 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 Skiing 1980 Europe
Odyssey^2 A Labyrinth Game / Supermind 1981 Europe
Odyssey^2 Stone Sling 1981 Europe
Odyssey^2 Jumping Acrobats 1981 Europe
Odyssey^2 Freedom Fighters 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 Em Busca dos Aneis Perdidos 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 4 in 1 Row 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 Didi Na Mina Encantada! 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 Electronic Table Football 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 A Conquista do Mundo! 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 Munchkin 1982 Europe
Odyssey^2 Demon Attack 1983 South America
Odyssey^2 Batalha Medieval! 1983 South America
Odyssey^2 Basebol! 1983 South America
MSX Congo Bongo 1983 Europe
Odyssey^2 Abelhas Assassinas! 1983 Europe
Odyssey^2 Macacos Me Mordam! 1983 South America
Odyssey^2 Alien! 1983 South America
Odyssey^2 Bacara! 1983 South America
Odyssey^2 Acoplagem! / Resgate! 1983 Europe
Odyssey^2 Come-Come! 1983 South America
Odyssey^2 Terrahawks 1983 Europe
Odyssey^2 Air Battle! 1983 Europe
MSX Keystone Kapers 1984 Europe
MSX Norseman 1984 North America
MSX Hydlide (MSX2 Floppy Disk) 1985 Europe
Odyssey^2 Comando Noturno! 1985 South America
MSX Golf 1985 Europe
CD-I Tell Me Why 2 1990 North America
CD-I Treasures of The Smithsonian 1990 North America
CD-I Time-Life Photography 1990 North America
CD-I Tell Me Why 1 1990 North America
CD-I CD-i Hardware 1991 North America
CD-I Golden Oldies Jukebox 1991 North America
CD-I Rand McNally's America: United States Atlas 1991 North America
CD-I Mozart: A Musical Biography 1991 North America
CD-I Classical Jukebox 1991 North America
CD-I ABC Sports Presents: The Palm Springs Open 1991 North America
CD-I Caesar's World of Gambling 1991 Europe
CD-I Connect Four 1991 North America
CD-I Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby 1991 North America
CD-I Little Monster At School 1991 North America
CD-I Pecos Bill 1991 North America
CD-I Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1992 North America
CD-I Mystic Midway: Rest in Pieces 1992 North America
CD-I Inca 1993 North America
PC Litil Divil 1993 North America
CD-I The Berenstain Bears: On Their Own 1993 Europe
CD-I Mystic Midway: Phantom Express 1993 North America
CD-I Lemmings 1993 Europe
CD-I Alien Gate 1993 Europe
PC Burn:Cycle 01/01/94 North America
CD-I Striker Pro 1994 North America
CD-I Litil Divil 1995 Europe
Macintosh Burn:Cycle 1995 Europe
iOS (iPhone/iPad) It's a Jungle Out There 05/18/11 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Brush Busters 06/22/14 North America
CD-I Inca II Canceled North America
CD-I Super Mario's Wacky Worlds Canceled North America