Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Amstrad CPC Galachip 1985 Europe
Amstrad CPC MLM 3D: Evasion de la Lune 1986 Europe
Amstrad CPC Penggy 1986 Europe
Amstrad CPC Python 1986 Europe
Amstrad CPC Zaxx 1986 Europe
Amstrad CPC Scientific 1987 Europe
Amstrad CPC Profanation 1987 Europe
Amstrad CPC Volley Ball 1987 Europe
Amstrad CPC Zarxas 1987 Europe
Amstrad CPC Dame Scanner 1988 Europe
Amiga Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1988 North America
Amiga Reise Zum Mittelpunkt Der Erde 1988 Europe
PC Joan of Arc: Siege & the Sword 1989 North America
Atari ST Joan of Arc 1989 Europe
PC Pharaoh (1989) 1989 North America
Amiga Joan of Arc 1989 North America
Amiga Day of the Pharaoh 1989 Europe
Atari ST Day of the Pharaoh 1989 Europe
Amiga Jeanne d' Arc 1989 Europe
Amiga Nil Dieu Vivant 1989 Europe
PC Day of the Pharaoh 1989 North America
Atari ST Khalaan (French) 1990 Europe
Amiga Khalaan 1990 Europe
PC Khalaan 1990 North America