Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PC Nitro Family 09/22/04 Europe
PC Operation Air Assault 2 2004 Europe
PC Great Invasions 08/05/05 North America
PlayStation 2 Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk 03/03/06 Europe
PC Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk March 2006 Europe
PlayStation 2 Kuon 04/28/06 Europe
PC The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript 05/12/06 Europe
PC Back to Gaya: The Adventures of Zino and Boo May 2006 Europe
PC The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy 11/03/06 Europe
PC Destination: Treasure Island Q4 2006 Europe
PC Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny 06/15/07 Europe
PC Death to Spies 09/21/07 Europe
PC Helldorado 11/30/07 Europe
PC Eva Cash: D.I.R.T. Project 2007 Europe
PC TV Giant 02/22/08 Europe
PC Fantasy Wars 03/14/08 Europe
PC Mountain Bike Adrenaline May 2008 Europe
DS Tsumiki: The Infernal Tower 07/16/08 Europe
DS Hello Kitty Daily 11/13/08 Europe
DS Hotel Giant DS 11/28/08 Europe
DS Emma at the Farm 11/28/08 North America
DS Moto Racer DS 11/28/08 Europe
DS My Baby Girl 11/28/08 Europe
DS My Baby Boy 11/28/08 Europe
DS Emma in the Mountains 12/03/08 North America
PC Hotel Giant 2 02/14/09 North America
DS Cookie Shop 02/27/09 Europe
PC iFluid 03/13/09 Europe
Wii Case Closed - One Truth Prevails: The Mirapolis Investigation 04/03/09 Europe
PC Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge 04/03/09 Europe
DS Crime Scene - Criminology Q2 2009 Europe
PC Trine 07/10/09 Europe
PlayStation 3 Trine 09/17/09 North America
PC Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy 10/23/09 Europe
DS My Baby: First Steps 11/11/09 North America
Wii My Baby 2 11/20/09 Europe
Wii Safar'Wii 02/26/10 Europe
DS Music: Music for Everyone 03/12/10 Europe
DS From the Abyss 03/25/10 Europe
DS Fix It: Home Improvement Challenge 05/21/10 Europe
PC Fix It: Home Improvement Challenge 05/21/10 Europe
Wii Fix It: Home Improvement Challenge 05/21/10 Europe
DS Famous 06/18/10 Europe
DS My Baby 3 & Friends 10/12/10 North America
PlayStation 2 Mountain Bike Adrenaline TBA Europe
PC Eva Cash TBA North America