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Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PC Rage Rally 04/19/02 Europe
PC Atari Arcade Hits 2003 Europe
PC Puzzler Sudoku Volume 1 2004 Europe
PC Action Man: Jungle Storm 07/15/05 Europe
PC X2: The Threat (White Label) 08/05/05 Europe
PC Tabloid Tycoon 03/03/06 Europe
PC Comanche 4 (White Label) 03/24/06 Europe
PC Holiday World Tycoon 04/04/06 Europe
PC Fallout Collection (White Label) 06/16/06 Europe
PC Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (White Label) 06/16/06 Europe
PC Homeworld 2 (Reload) 06/16/06 Europe
PC Rome: Total War (White Label) 09/22/06 Europe
PC Ultimate Games Poker: Texas Hold 'Em 3D 10/13/06 Europe
PC FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2 11/24/06 Europe
PC Fallout 2 (White Label Reload) 2006 North America
PC Ellen Whitaker: The Horse Mystery 04/13/07 Europe
PC Hollywood Pets 06/08/07 Europe
PC Disney Princess: Royal Horse Show 09/28/07 Europe
PC Hotel Giant (White Label) 12/07/07 Europe
PC 7 Sins (Reload) 2007 Europe
PC 101 Dino Pets 04/04/08 North America
PC 101 Pony Pets 04/04/08 North America
PC 101 Kitty Pets 04/04/08 Europe
PC 101 Dino Pets 04/04/08 North America
PC 101 Dino Pets 05/23/08 Europe
DS I Love Horses 08/01/08 Europe
DS Mah Jong Quest: Expeditions 09/19/08 Europe
PC Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (White Label) 11/07/08 Europe
PC Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms (White Label) 11/21/08 Europe
DS Jewel Quest Solitaire 04/09/09 Europe
PC 101 Penguin Pets 07/10/09 Europe
PC Natalie Brooks: Treasure of the Lost Kingdom 10/10/09 Europe
PC Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries 10/23/09 Europe
PC Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom 05/31/17 Europe
PC Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala 05/31/17 Europe
PC Greed: Forbidden Experiments 05/31/17 Europe