Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

GP32 GP32 Hardware 06/15/04 Europe
PC Torrente 3 10/15/05 Europe
PlayStation 2 Torrente 3: The Protector 02/01/06 Europe
DS Dead 'n' Furious 05/30/07 Europe
PlayStation 2 Final Armada 08/17/07 Europe
PSP Final Armada 08/17/07 Europe
PlayStation 2 Snow X Racing Q3 2007 Europe
PSP Warriors of the Lost Empire 02/01/08 Europe
PC Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come 03/27/08 Europe
PSP Super Hind 09/09/08 Europe
PC Donkey Xote 11/14/08 Europe
PlayStation 2 Donkey Xote 11/14/08 Europe
DS Donkey Xote 11/14/08 Europe
PSP Donkey Xote 11/14/08 Europe
DS Hello Pocoyo! 11/27/08 Europe
DS Lola & Virginia 02/20/09 Europe
DS B Team: Metal Cartoon Squad 02/20/09 Europe
PC War Leaders: Clash of Nations 02/27/09 Europe
DS Real Madrid: The Game 03/13/09 Europe
Wii Real Madrid: The Game 04/03/09 Europe
PC Real Madrid: The Game 04/09/09 Europe
DS Away: Shuffle Dungeon 04/10/09 Europe
PlayStation 2 Real Madrid: The Game May 2009 Europe
PSP Real Madrid: The Game 05/31/09 Europe
PC Final Armada Canceled Europe
Xbox Final Armada Canceled Europe