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Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

FM-7 Courageous Perseus 1984 Japan
MSX Courageous Perseus 1985 Japan
FM-7 Chou Senshi Zaider: Dai Wakusei Jung - Majin no Shinkou December 1986 Japan
MSX Chou Senshi Zaider: Battle of Pegas 1986 Japan
NEC PC88 Warning December 1987 Japan
MSX Seijo Densetsu 1987 Japan
Sharp X68000 Okuman Chouja June 1988 Japan
Sharp X68000 Warning Type68 12/12/88 Japan
MSX Warning 1988 Japan
NEC PC98 Okuman Chouja 1988 Japan
Sharp X68000 Mahjong Saikyou Musashi 06/22/89 Japan
Sharp X68000 Mahjong Musashi: Yuumejin Dada Shuu Vol. 1 06/22/89 Japan
FM Towns Mahjong Saikyou Musashi 1989 Japan
NEC PC98 Okuman Chouja II 10/10/90 Japan
FM Towns Okuman Chouja II July 1991 Japan
FM Towns Ma Saiko Jan May 1992 Japan
FM Towns Regional Power II September 1992 Japan
NEC PC98 Okuman Chouja III 12/25/92 Japan
NEC PC98 Magic++: Nariyuki Makase no Nijiiro Yuusha 12/14/93 Japan