Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

DS Wordmaster 01/16/09 Europe
PC BC Kings 06/16/09 North America
Wii Love is... in Bloom: The Flower Shop Garden 09/18/09 Europe
PC Premier Manager 10 09/25/09 Europe
DS Margot's Bepuzzled 10/23/09 North America
Wii Margot's Bepuzzled 11/06/09 Europe
Wii Family Gameshow 11/20/09 Europe
Wii Family Gameshow 11/20/09 North America
DS Jig-a-Pix Wild World 11/20/09 Europe
DS Jig-a-Pix Wonderful World 11/20/09 Europe
DS Jig-a-Pix Pets 11/20/09 Europe
PC BC Kings 01/29/10 Europe
PC Exodus from the Earth 01/29/10 Europe
DS Jig-a-Pix Love Is... 02/05/10 Europe
DS Chicken Blaster 02/05/10 Europe
Wii Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream 02/12/10 Europe
Xbox 360 Indianapolis 500 Evolution 02/19/10 Europe
PSP Adventures to Go! 02/26/10 Europe
DS Defendin' DePenguin 03/05/10 Europe
Wii Defendin' DePenguin 03/05/10 Europe
DS Monster Pals 03/12/10 Europe
Wii Monster Pals 03/12/10 Europe
DS Food Coach 03/19/10 Europe