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PC Ares Rising Graphics and Animation
PC Atari Arcade Hits Art Director
PlayStation 2 Bully Production
Game Boy Advance Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown Creative Services Director (Atari)
Game Boy Color Galaga: Destination Earth Manager, Creative Services
PC Monopoly 3 Art Director
Xbox Need for Speed Underground 2 Development Director
Game Boy Color Q*bert Manager
PlayStation 3 Red Dead Redemption Producer
Xbox 360 Red Dead Redemption Producer, Rockstar San Diego
PlayStation 2 RedCard 20-03 Artist
Xbox Shenmue II Voice: Jianmin Tao
PC Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Chief Operating Officer
PC Sid Meier's Pirates! Executive Producer
Xbox Sid Meier's Pirates! Executive Producer
Xbox 360 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Programming, Artwork and Level Design
PlayStation Viva Soccer Artist
PC Wheel of Fortune Art Director
PC XCOM: Enemy Unknown Firaxis: CEO/President
GameCube Zoids: Battle Legends Director Of Creative Services