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Apple II Beyond Zork Z Development System
Apple II Enchanter Design
Commodore 64 Enchanter Coder
Apple II James Clavell's Shogun Designer
Macintosh James Clavell's Shogun Design
PC James Clavell's Shogun Design
Amiga Spellbreaker Design
Amstrad CPC Spellbreaker Design
Apple II Spellbreaker Design
Atari 8-bit Spellbreaker Design
Atari ST Spellbreaker Design
Commodore 64 Spellbreaker Design
Macintosh Spellbreaker Design
PC Spellbreaker Design
Amiga Starcross Design
Apple II Starcross Design
Atari 8-bit Starcross Design
Atari ST Starcross Design
Commodore 64 Starcross Creator/Designer
Macintosh Starcross Design
PC Starcross Creator/Designer
Amiga Suspect Design
Amstrad CPC Suspect Design
Apple II Suspect Design
Atari 8-bit Suspect Design
Atari ST Suspect Design
Commodore 64 Suspect Design
PC Suspect Design
TI-99/4A Suspect Design
Amiga The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
Amstrad CPC The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
Apple II The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
Atari 8-bit The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
Atari ST The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
Commodore 64 The Lurking Horror Programmer
Macintosh The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
PC The Lurking Horror Designer/Programmer
Tandy Color Computer Zork Programming
Amiga Zork I Coder
Amstrad CPC Zork I Programming
Apple II Zork I Programming
Atari 8-bit Zork I Programming
Atari ST Zork I Programming
PC Zork I Programming
Commodore 64 Zork I: The Great Underground Empire Creator
Amiga Zork II Coder
Amstrad CPC Zork II Programming
Apple II Zork II Programming
Atari 8-bit Zork II Programming
Atari ST Zork II Programming
PC Zork II Programming
Tandy Color Computer Zork II Programming
Commodore 64 Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz Creator
Amiga Zork III Coder
Amstrad CPC Zork III Programming
Apple II Zork III Programming
Atari 8-bit Zork III Programming
Atari ST Zork III Programming
PC Zork III Programming
Tandy Color Computer Zork III Programming
Commodore 64 Zork III: The Dungeon Master Creator
Commodore 64 Zork Trilogy Programming
PC Zork Zero Concept