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PlayStation 2 Area 51 Voice Actor-Marco
Xbox Area 51 Voice Actor-Marco
PC Bolt Voice Talent
PlayStation 2 Bolt Voice Talent
PlayStation 3 Bolt (voice)
PlayStation 3 Bolt Voice Talent
Xbox 360 Bolt Voice Talent
PC Command & Conquer: Generals Voice Actor
PC Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour Voice Actor
Wii Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Cryptosporidium 138 (voice)
Xbox Pulse Racer Voice - Hadeon, Dmitri
PlayStation 2 Spider-Man 3 Morbius (Wii & PS2 versions)
Xbox 360 Spider-Man 3 Morbius the Living Vampire/Michael Morbius
PC Timeline Voice Talent: Victor Baretto / Player Sounds
PlayStation 3 White Knight Chronicles International Edition Voice (ENG) Osmund: