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Arcade Games Arkanoid Music Composer
Arcade Games Arkanoid 2: Revenge of Doh Sound Composer
MSX Bubble Bobble Sound
Arcade Games Darius Music
Arcade Games Darius Gaiden Game Design
Arcade Games Darius Gaiden Music Composition
PlayStation Darius Gaiden Composer
Saturn Darius Gaiden Game Design
Arcade Games Darius II Music Composition
PSP Dariusburst Music Composer
PSP Exit Sound Director
PSP Exit Sound Effects Designer
Arcade Games G Darius Music
PlayStation G Darius Music Composition
Saturn Gun Frontier Sound Director
Arcade Games Kiki Kai Kai Music Composer
Super Nintendo Operation Thunderbolt Music
Arcade Games Rainbow Islands Sound
Game Boy Sagaia Sound Director
Sega Master System Sagaia Music
Super Nintendo Shinseiki Odysselya Music
NES The Legend of Kage Music